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Ok, They're Not Exactly New, They've Made A Return

Having enjoyed these so much throughout the summer last year, with the return of BST, I was hoping that these would re-appear in the refrigerated food section in Aldi.

Sure enough, they have!!

Granted, the quinoa & edamame bean salad pot was enjoyed for lunch earlier today, but the forum did cross my mind, thinking that others may also enjoy them, hence the reason the empty pot is pictured.

Priced at £1.49, they're both delicious when enjoyed on their own, averaging around 350Kcal, but can accompany chicken or half an avocado.

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Sounds great!

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They taste great too, particularly the quinoa & edamame bean mix, as it's covered in a soy & ginger dressing.

Additional ingredients have also been added to this year's offering, such as wild rice.

If you can purchase something similar in Aldi stores on your side of the pond, they're well worth considering.


Thanks! Will check.


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