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Gained 1 kg

Not sure from where but the only thing I can think of is that I haven't been eating as regularly as before. We have been working out in the garden, demolishing the old cellar to make way for some decking for the firepit. Seems we go out after breakfast and spend all day outside. Yesterday we were out from 11am to 8pm and didn't even eat anything in between.

I have to pay more attention to keeping hydrated too as have noticed I am not drinking enough

So today's weight 93.5kg up 1.1kg on last week.

I am still running 3 times a week and walking/biking in between the running days and working out in the garden too.

Overall fitness has improved a lot so I am at the moment not too fussy about the slight gain. Next week hopefully more downwards

Onwards and downwards


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Fluctuation of 1-4 lbs over a week is normal for many of us , both while losing or maintaining. Although you've been physically busy , maybe dehydration in this warmer weather is a valid point. I'm guilty too of not drinking enough.

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You have warmer weather over there. We still wake up to snow most mornings Hehe.

I agree that 1 kg here and there is no big thing. As women our bodies change all the time due to the cycle we are going through.

I'm not worried as I am pretty active.

Enjoy your week



Don't panic Janpes it is very unlikely you have gained a kilo gram of fat, it's much more likely to be fluid or even muscle! 😊

It's great that you were so busy you forgot to eat 😊 But keeping hydrated is important.

And I'm with you 100% about improving your fitness, very well done 😊

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It sounds like you've been doing some quite intense workouts on yourself! If you're doing gardening and demolishing etc, is there any change that kilo is muscle weight? I had this when I started going to the gym, but you may find that if you measure yourself, there is a change :)

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you must drink water or your body tries to retain moisture in my experience. You will also lose the weight over time rather than immediately after exercise. With me I get the weight loss form exercise around 1 week after the exercise......but that's just how it is for me I guess.

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Morning my little Diet Buddy

A tiny gain in the small scale of the bigger picture. I'm sure our bodies go into starvation mode when we don't eat and our metabolism slows down to save fuel to keep us going, so that might if happened too. I don't know how that works with your exercising that speeds up our metabolic rate! I'm sure someone on here will be more knowledgable😕

Great that your not too worried because you are doing so much to get fit and healthy. Good luck for next week and I hope you manage to get your decking put up, ( snow willing!)

Happy Easter to you and your family I hope you have a great time 😊🤗xx


Thank you all for your kind words. I am not stressing it. Life too short to worry about 1 kg😆

Decking wont be up for a while have to demolish the cellar first. Got my sledgehammer at the ready to bash the life out of it. Was chopping down trees with the chainsaw and chipping the branches with the chipper.

Last year they let me loose with the flame thrower to blacken the wood for the building around the firepit, this year they trust me with the chipper 😂😂😂 whenever will these people learn not to let me near power tools. We were only supposed to chop 1 tree down 4 gone up to now.

Digger is coming soon to take the soil off the cellar. I wonder if I ask nicely if he we let me have a go😉😉

Today is young daughters 14th birthday, promised her a cake for when she comes home, it will be a mud cake at this rate😂😂

Anyway hope you all have a great day whatever you are doing.



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