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Food and intolerance becoming issue


Due to a bad UTI/Kidney infection I found gluten and lactose became an issue. Which I manage okish (well sometimes the smell of certain items too powerful). But still had certain problems.

Then I was told about A2milk which is amazing. But still I had some problems.

My Doctor advised me to try a FODMAP lifestyle, gave up broccili first small change, then cauli, then courgette (all my favorite) problems got better, now lettace is off the menu.

While following a low carb diet no spuds or rice. Food is now becoming so restrictive and annoying.

If we are not planning our food meals, we are making shopping list, buying it or cooking it. I need to get out of this mindset but when certain foods are not good for my body it can become frustrating.

Breewkfast, lunch, 3pm meal before gym, high protein meal after gym. Porridge oats liberte plain yogurt fruit , scrambled egg for lunch, 100g hake peas 3pm, 200g lean beef veg with pea protein liberte and peanut butter for pudding. That is just today. Still not eating my cals 1200 cals.

Does anyone else feel the same?

Sorry for the rant.

Good luck everyone


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Nothing wrong with letting off steam Wendy.

Sorry to hear about your food restrictions, I can't imagine what it might be like to see the foods you like, removed one by one from the list of what you can eat.

I can empathise when you talk about the merry go round of planning, measuring and cooking of food (I measure how many millilitres of gravy go on my roast :O ). I'm cool with it all for now... maybe its because it helps me feel in control of myself, maybe its because this only my 14th week and its all quite new.

The 1200 calories that you're aiming for sounds low. Did you use the NHS BMI calculator to obtain that goal? When you say you're not eating your 1200 cals is that because you're above or below?

I hope that letting off a bit of steam helped in some way. Good luck!

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Myfitnesspal and just hired a personal trainer (cheap one) and both recommend 1200 cals, but low carb, mid range fat and high protein but not to hit my fat percentage, myfitnesspal put carbs, fat and protein into section so they combined reach 100% carbs is 25%!75g, fat is 35% 47g and protein is 40% 120g. ButI have to have 24g+ of fats left end of the day. Sounds complicated but it not.

Somedays it is just hard to eat so much food due to low cals of certain items, others it is easy, while some just not hungry.

It helped thanks


I'm guessing there's a reason why you have to have your food in these percentages. I'm out of my depth when it comes to breaking food down like that but how about topping up with calorie laden foods eg. peanuts (maybe you can't eat peanuts but things along that line).



I started my healthy lifestyle by just cutting food down and eating the right food, yes it had some effect but then my Niece and Manager at the gym I joined directed me to app called myfitnesspal. Low carbs reason carbs and sugar go hand in hand and feed fat, so lowering the carbs your body eats more fat. I stopped eating fruit other than 30g raspberries, rarely have spuds, rice or pasta. Fat well it speaks for itself and protein helps muscles repair and get stronger, esp if you workout alot and do weights.

Trust me putting the app on your phone, tablet or computer will be worth it.

Yesterday I had a good weight in

2 wks ago. Yesterday

54.6kg. 55.1kg

Body fat

25%. 23.2

Yes I put weight on but it is muscle mass not fat.


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