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Day 3 - Thursday & Friday

Thursday went really well again, I volunteer doing horticulture, I always end the day feeling fit & healthy. Learning all about fruit & vegetables, free soup lunch & free vegetables for dinner when I get home. I have a councellor who is also helping with my binge eating. I have tasks to try each week This week I am to plan meals/snacks the day before & give the NHS 12 plan a go....

(She did say to do small goals, everything won't happen overnight...) Friday didn't go well again (its only 3pm!). I volunteer at a shop and I find it really hard working there. I always end in the emotional/binge type eating. Everyone I work with is really lovely but cut the story short they look after me too well meaning I don't actually do much at all so of course I go to food! I have told my mum a few weeks ago about my eating ways but she thinks that I have stopped (I hate to lie!). I really want to tell her just don't dare, it's kind of bugging me!

I ended up just going striaght to food due to slight anger but more boredom/annoyed. Every week is a routine on food. Monday evening - Eat alot, Tuesday - Healthy, Wednesday - Eat alot, Thursday - Healthy, Friday - Eat alot.

I am trying to find the triggers so far - Boredom, Seizure, Certain Social Situations.

I have gone well over my calorie intake (2500+), I'm really not feeling well & I'm in that guilty/annoyed with myself at the moment!! I'm going to try & have my meals prepared the day before.

(I could carry on typing lol!)

Hope you all have a good weekend!

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Firstly, well done for coming on here iona_ellen 😊 It's far better to come on here and get things off your chest.

Secondly, your counsellor is correct, Rome wasn't built in a day so you need to slowly build up good eating habits. Every single day that you stay on plan is a success. By the sounds of it, you are doing really well at thinking about your eating habits and how to change things 😊

You can do this, you need to have a little self belief, you can overcome your eating problems. Maybe try speaking to your Mum again, and definitely speak to your work colleagues about helping you in your healthy eating 😊

Best wishes



Thanks for the reply. It's really helped me screw my head back into the positive way of thinking! I have got my meals planned again.

I'm still working on talking to mum however I have been thinking off yummy healthy snacks for work.

Thanks again!

I'm back on track! 🤓

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Hello iona_ella and welcome.

I think Anna has said it all. You're doing the right things and it will be a step by step progress of gradual change. It may take a while of changing a bit here and a bit there before you start making your target but you'll get there.

I also believe in talking about my feelings to everyone and anyone who can be bothered to listen. For whatever reason, it helps me. People are always more supportive then we ever think they're going to be and the ones that aren't can go.... somewhere else.

Good luck!

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Thankyou for the reply!

Reading your reply has really helped, After my little 'moment' I feel like I am back into the healthy eating frame of mind. My binge eating although it's still happening I am noticing it is alot less calorie intake so over time fingers crossed.

Thanks again for your reply, it has really helped.

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That's really positive, well done!

Like you say, you've noticed that your calorie intake is reducing... great news. The only way you could be sure of that is because you're keeping track of your calories...more good news.

All decisive steps in the right direction.


There si a simple way to go about this.

Plan, plan and then plan some more.

And then if you have time plan more after that :)

You have mentioned you are going to do some food for the next day and thats a GREAT idea. The more prepared ready to eat healthy things you have at home the less likely you are to eat rubbish.

When you are bored or angry or depressed (been there and I get that totally) would you rather spend 60 seconds walking to the firdge to get something to devour or 20 minutes whipping up something healthy?

Simple right?

If you have something IN the fridge ready you are more likely to gravitate to that first.

You might want to think about using magnesium top lift your mood.

I have been a 30 year depression ridden person and for the first time in my life I feel like I can actually be bothered each day to do stuff. I have even cut my TV time in half without even trying!

Did a post on this - have a read if you're interested.


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Hi Dave, good reply. Like you say plan, plan, plan.

Also, I wish I could cut my TV time. I reckon that would be harder for me than losing weight.

Interestingly, although I've been changing large chunks of my life, it hadn't occurred to me do this, even though I used to hate how much of my life I waste sat in front of one. That's a good reminder for me to investigate doing something about it.

Have a good one!

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