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I did it (or should I say didn't do it)

Hi everyone I did not do wine Wednesday I think it was because I am so tired it's nearly end of term but I have been given Easter eggs from the children and because I was so tired I opened one. I only had a little bit though and because I didn't have any wine I thought it was ok. I was at the limit though with the calories so have to be extra good today. I didn't reach my 10.000 steps either yestaday as I went to bed at 8.30 I can't wait for my holiday on the 6th April. I am going to weigh in tomorrow instead of Monday as the scales are here at work so fingers crossed I've lost even half a pound I would be pleased. Have a great day everyone 😊👍🤞

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Hi Kim58

Well done with not having any wine last night and as long as you didn't go over your calorie allowance you should be ok with a little bit of chocolate.

If your weigh in is Monday then you can not swoop to Friday unless you want to keep it as Friday from now on, as it will not count on the stats!


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Ok I will just weigh myself and keep it to myself and weigh in on a Monday when I get back from holiday 😊

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Thanks Kim58 have a lovely holiday.


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