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Rollerskating - a nice way to burn calories


Hi, today i decided to join my son at rollerskating. Skated continuously for 45 mins and thoroughly enjoyed it. Apparently it burns around 545 cals an hour! This is the kind of calorie burn i like!! wondering if i really too old for an adult scooter! Anyone got any more calorie burning and fun exercise ideas?

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Oh well done you!! I have a balance problem, so would never stay upright long enough! :D

I like belly dancing and dancing in general. Playing games on the wii. You could try hula hooping, although it can take a while to perfect and is capable of inflicting bruises! :D

It can be good also to do ice skating. This can be great fun.

I envy anyone who can stand up on roller skates - or ice skates. Like moreless, my balance is rubbish. I can't hula hoop either - bad hips.

Well done for getting out and doing some fun exercise.☺


oh my lord, wouldn't I like to be brave enough to have a go at that, it would be a sight to behold though I think! I might just stick to my Leslie Sansone aerobic walks - can be found on youtube😊 I don't know about scooters, but what about 🏂 skate boarding lol.


Oh that sounds really good fun pilatesrocks 😊 And I m definitely a fan of making exercise fun 😊

Trierisme1st 7lbs

Oh how I'm so envious ....... I would love to go / try rollerblading ..... I used to live on my skates when I was a kid..... trouble is I'm now 51 with disc trouble and my husband has convinced me when I fall , which I undoubtedly will, that I could hurt it ........ I've even thought of trying it in some sort of foam type Michelin man outfit 🤣🤣🤣 I'm secretly still thinking on it , but if I did do any damage my old man would be saying 'I told you so' .... do you think I should give it a go ????

Hi trierisme, I am 49 so not much difference. I don't have a disc problem though and that could be a deal breaker. I also snowboard and I never do it without my crash shorts and wrist protectors. The crash shorts have foam inserts and a coccyx protector. Maybe you could look at the shorts for skating. I also wear wrist protectors too for skating! My husband also always tells me that I will hurt myself ! But if you like this kind of stuff then it's hard to not do it ! 😀

Trierisme1st 7lbs

Good morning ! Well there's a wee update on this ..... I was looking on skating sites, and the writer said, if you can be on all fours on carpeted floor and get up without using the furniture, coffee table etc. and can imagine being able to do it with skates on you're probably ok to give it inline skating a go...... if you can't , well......... to be honest, pilatesrocks, I'd struggle..... I'm sure given time, ( hours,days, months 🤣) and some really ungainly moves I could manage it....... I've got to admit I'd really love to 'give it a go' just to sort of put it aside as a no go if you know what I mean?

Hi trierisme , i should definitely leave the skating! There are lots of exciting things to do. I love walking and walking in new places and seeing new things. The other day we walked into 2 deer. Wow what a treat !There's swimming, badminton, softball. These are just a few things at our local leisure centre. As we get older we have to accept that we can't do things that we used to do. It's the journey of life - isn't it. We have to embrace where we are and this time. How's your weight loss journey going?

Trierisme1st 7lbs

Yes, reluctantly, I think I may need to put skating aside (( sigh )) god I used to love my skates though, whizzing along .......... you are so right about embracing where we are now, that's normally my philosophy too..... I think it's just one of those things I wanted to 'try' and see ..... but the reality would, I'm positive, be far different from my experiences as I kid...... onwards and upwards eh my friend ....... xxxxxx

Yes - onwards and upwards - but downwards in weight lol! Thank goodness I nearly there! Just 5 more weeks! 😀😀

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