12 Week Plan - Daily Accountability

Good morning everyone

Day 2 - checking in for 24 h of healthy choices.

Yesterday went well. I had to do the weekly food shopping after work yesterday and I did it in record time. No fussing about, I just wanted to get me out of the danger zone.

Then I got fish and chips for everyone at home and drove about 12 miles with the smelling food on the back seat. I think it was my determination of day 1 that got me through. I was thinking of all of you, that helped a lot. Thank you!

Wishing everyone a good and healthy day X


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5 Replies

  • Very well done Elke516 😊 the first day is the most difficult. The longer you stick to plan the better the chance of long term success 😊

  • You had so much determination to not eat fish and chips! I'm not so sure I would be so strong! Well done! I'm now on day 3. Everything is going well apart from one silly eating mistake yesterday and today, which means I am slightly over my calories, but it's better than before. Good luck for tomorrow x

  • Thank you Hlb82 and well done for sticking to your plan. It's early days for us and the most important thing is to stick with it. Best of luck!

  • Hello everyone, checking in for another 24 hours of healthy choices.

    Yesterday was good, planning ahead and writing it down helps me such a lot. I'm in control of the food I eat :-) whereas a couple of days ago it felt like the food was controlling me.

    I also switched the laptop off earlier at night to get more zzzzzzzzzz. There is room for improvement but I'm pleased so far.

    Wishing everyone a good and healthy day :-)

  • Well done Elke516, it sounds like you are right on track! Hopefully today is going well for you also x

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