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I hope this is helpful....

I tell myself this mantra it really helps me when I feel I'm going to give in to temptation.

When I see something bad for ME I say this....

""""""The food will still be in the shops, the alcohol will still be in the shops."""" I visualise my slim self sipping a nice glass of fizz.... when I've earned it.

This mantra allows my brain to think when I've hit my target I can have the odd treat now and then ...

Rather than thinking there are no treats or joys to come...

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God, I need to repeat this to myself... thank you so much for this. I struggle with binge eating and I'm often in the mindset of "GOTTA HAVE IT, GOTTA HAVE IT NOW!!!" so... this would be mega helpful. <3


I hope it works it does help me. 👗

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Another one is ask yourself which you would prefer - to be slim and healthy or the few minutes of eating 😊

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This will help me thanks 👗

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