Hot Baths: Maybe the Romans were on to something

Very interesting article in the i newspaper on p33 this morning. Loughborough uni trialled [ only 14] hot baths versus exercise for calorie burning. not surprisingly exercise won out but an hour soak in the bath used as many calories as a half hour walk.

I haven't read it yet but the full article is at

Thought it might help those who are not able to exercise



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23 Replies

  • Sounds interesting but I am afraid it would drive me mad being in the bath for an hour😡 I am a jump in, scrub, jump out person, can't stand not doing anything lol.

    Have a good day, suns out and no rain forecast for at least 6 days! I know let's see how that pans out👍

  • Have you ever tried reading in the bath? Or you could get yourself some bath toys. I'm sure there are plenty of things you could do to keep yourself occupied for an hour.

    The real problem is keeping the water hot for an hour. You can only top it up so far.

  • Too true with the hot water, my husband quite often falls asleep in the bath and can be in there for hours no wonder he doesn't need to loose weight lol.

  • Oh ur missus CheerfulDragon my husband would think me very strange if I spent that long in the bath

  • I soak in the bath for ages reading my kindle. If I have been losing weight whilst there then I don't like to think how much heavier I would have been without doing that. :O

  • Good on you. I would be frightened of dropping it in. If I had a bath tub that is.

  • Great news for some but not for others. We got rid of our bath a few years ago because we weren't using it, so no hot baths for us. I couldn't do it anyway because the heat isn't good for my MS. It's likely to trigger a pseudo relapse, if nothing else.

    I saw a piece about hot baths vs. exercise on Trust Me, I'm a Doctor, so this has been checked out by an independent group. If anyone wants to try this instead of/ as well as exercise, I say go for it.👍 A nice hot bath would probably ease aching muscles, if nothing else!

  • You are certainly right CD I keep telling my husband who has MS not to be in there too long but he won't listen😡 I couldn't take our bath out as it's lovely when you are feeling ill and cold to warm those bones through. My son has just had one put back in his house as he missed it so much and got fed up of just showers.

  • We did the same as we did not have room for a walk in shower and a bath in our flat. Mind you, I have seen somewhere on this site, that someone has noticed a decrease in weight after taking a shower, so maybe there is hope for us yet.

    But for those who can exercise, having a hot bath afterwards might be a double whammy

  • We have a sauna and sitting in there for half an hour makes you sweat and raises the heartbeat so I can imagine it has the same effect as strenous exercise.

    We ususally go use our sauna 2-3 times a week


  • That's just boasting Janpes no, or jealous at all

  • Move to Finland, saunas are the norm. Every home has one. Even if you live in a flat you either have your own or you have a shared one downstairs. In summer time we go to sauna then jump in the lake. In wintertime we go to sauna and jump in the lake brrrrrrrrrrrr

  • There are five million inhabitants and over three million saunas in Finland - an average of one per household.[1] For Finnish people the sauna is a place to relax with friends and family, and a place for physical and mental relaxation as well. Finns think of saunas not as a luxury, but as a necessity.

  • I am going to Helsinki in August on a cruise, might not have time for a sauna - what food should I try?

  • Finns eat a lot of Fish, smoked salmon etc... of course that time of year a lot of sausages are also eaten as it is summer and BBQ is popular. August is a lovely time of year in Helsinki. If you are here for a few hours visit the Tuomio church in the square and if you are longer take a visit to the fortress of Suomenlinna. You need to take a boat there and back.

  • Thanks, I have taken a photo of your message to remind me when I booking excursions.

  • I hope you enjoy your trip. I was supposed to be here for just 6 months back in 94 😂😂 still here and would never move back to the UK.

  • We start in Denmark, stopping off at Stockholm and lots of other places. It will be great as I have never been that far North

  • Is it the baltic cruise that you are doing?

  • Yes with royal caribean

  • I used to enjoy a sauna when I went to a proper gym. I think the Finns attitude is probably right.

  • Sounds like an idea but an hour in the bath seems excessive

  • It does doesn't it, though I manage it when I get access to one- I only have a shower at home. I was thinking more of those who cannot exercise for whatever reason.

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