1 stone 8lbs lost so far!

I never remember to join the weigh ins but I just wanted to share.

Starting weight on January 9th: 15 stone 5lbs

Starting measurements waist: 38 inches

Starting measurements hips: 47 inches

Today's weight: 13 stone 11lbs

Today's measurement waist: 32.5 inches

Today's measurement hips: 42 inches

(Don't measure anywhere else because I never end up measuring in the same place so I always get mixed results!)

So that's 1 stone 8lbs and 10.5 inches (plus some more!) lost.



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11 Replies

  • Wow well done with losing 1st 8lb since january 9th :) excellent! :)

  • Fabulous results!!

  • Well done Melissa, that is a great achievement.

  • Well done melissajoines90 great results in your corner.

  • Well done 😊 keep up the good work!

  • Fantastic melissajoines90 ☺ very well done!

  • Fantastic results 👍

  • wow that's great you are doing so well, how many calories do you have each day ?

  • It depends on the day but usually between 1400 and 1600 calories. More likely 1600. And lots of exercise!

  • very well done x

  • I would kill for that waist measurement!!! Weirdly I've also lost 1st 8lbs but it's taken me quite a bit longer than you - well done!

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