Good News for 5:2 Diet Fans

Dr Michael Moseley now states that 800Kcal can be enjoyed on fasting days, provided the additional calories come from foods that are recommended on fasting days.

Yes, by increasing fasting calories, you can still develop physiques enjoyed by Beyoncé, Benedict Cumberbatch, the lovely lady with the blonde hair or even George Osbourne.

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12 Replies

  • This seems very doable -i follow his BSD lifestyle diet- but more calories- but i am aiming to incorporate two fast days now...

  • Hi MrNiceGuy,

    Thanks for this. I'm glad to hear that there are a few extra calories - it will make the 5:2 more 'doable' for many people I think.

    Hope you're enjoying your week.

    Zest :-)

  • Thanks for this MrNiceGuy, but my weight loss is slow enough on the 5:2, without potentially slowing it down even further by upping my calorie intake on fast days! I find my fast days very easy for some reason, much easier than non fast days where I simply try to eat sensibly. Today is a fast day, I've had 50 g of blueberries and a small banana for breakfast, which I can't bear to miss, then I won't eat again till six tonight, when we will have basa fillets baked with black olives, garlic and cherry tomatoes and some broccoli. Be interested to hear from anyone else doing 5:2.

  • I find I can loose substantial weight on the 2 days, but put it on before the 5 days is up. So I've really had to restrict my 5 days too, and I do find restriction harder than abstinence.

  • Something to think about , I'm thinking that could be done !

    Did Rosemary Conley not relaunch herself with a similar plan ?? Could be worth a try for a week to see if it will reboot my weight loss 😀


  • I guess that would be 700cals for women as was previously 500. Definitely doable.

  • I am using 5:2 for my weight loss and have had no problems with 500 calories. Today is my usual fast day but I will be eating a bit extra as it's my daughter's 50th birthday. I haven't eaten anything so far as I skip breakfast on fast days. We are going out for lunch and I am going to have a salad. I will be eating cake later but it is a special occasion.

  • Lol! Not sure want to look like George Osborne. However, I find this a bit difficult with my tablets so just calorie count every day

  • Had my salad and my cake and that is it for me today. Lots of water and black coffee and a couple of diet drinks to keep the hunger pangs at bay. I think for future fast days I will stay with the 500 calories as I have found that doable up to now.

  • Thanks Mr nice guy , I will have a look at that .Thanks for posting it .Gary

  • Dr Mosley is a disgrace. Why is a NHS GP allowed o tell people to follow fad diet? Also, his book was based on the results stolen from Dr KRISTA VARADY. She did the science/research which was to do with fasting every other day, and not two days a week.

    Calorie control is the only scientifically proven method to lose, attain and put on weight.

  • Nice! Great info!

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