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Ready Set Go go go go

I am already to start over on Monday. $ weeks after my 2nd knee replacement. I am pain free apart from some scar sensitivity. I have discharged from Physio and they are well happy with my progress. I have ask what I cant and cant do and they have said, my knee is stable so any thing I feel I can do its ok to do. Obviously if it causes discomfort, then refrain from that activity and try later when knee as gained more strength. I am so very very happy to be now pain free and looking forward to getting my life back on track

Jo x

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4 weeks after knee replacement

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Hi Jo,

This is great to hear you're doing so well after your knee replacement - that's great news. :-)

Zest :-)


Hi Jo1957, god to hear you recent operation had been so successful. Go go go Jo, just be careful! 😄


That's lovely news jo1957. Go with what feels comfortable.


Great news Jo1957 😊

Good luck getting back to your normal way of things 😊


Really pleased for you glad it all went well Lovely to be getting back on track

I'm having a hip replacement in 3 weeks time and hope to be feeling just like you soon

All the very best x


Hope all goes well with your hip replacement. It's so fabous to be pain free. Keep me posted x


Thank you very much I can't wait Yes will do

Have a lovely Sunday xx


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