What I saw in the gym last night

Do you also like the 'This Girl Can' ads? Well, I saw a lady last night on the treadmill who reminded me of just that campaign. I know some of us get embarrassed in the gym, if they are surrounded by lots of people, who may look fitter (slimmer, younger, prettier) in the gym. Sometimes I feel shy too. But last night, when I saw this lady, she inspired me and cheered me up so much. She must have been in her early 40s, dressed so simply, and she was not small, yet she run on the treadmill like cheetah. I am telling you, she left everyone behind (well you know, if you could leave people behind on the treadmill). Her stamina and fitness level must be something else. I am not saying this to make anyone feel bad - it is just the opposite! Fitness is so much more than being slim, looking pretty in latex, and I think she really reminded us last night to this! I hope you will all see the positive message in this thought- even if I struggled phrasing it :)


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9 Replies

  • I have experienced this from the other side. I was 19.5 stone at my fattest, 18.5 stone when I started running (C25K outside) - currently 16.5. I go to a gym. I walk and run on the treadmill but prefer outside when the weather is good. I grin at everyone whilst I exercise, and people who were feeling self-conscious look at me floundering along like a good natured walrus and share good wishes and shouts of encouragement, "well done!" & "keep going!" and "looking good!", and I can see they feel better and more capable because if someone my size can do this and not care about what other people think then so can they.

    The only negative experience I've had since taking up running was a skinny man who'd come to run at the park stopping me from during my run to tell me it was bad for me and that I should only do walking. I was very polite, but he was very annoying, believing that he was just telling me stuff for my own good (with no knowledge of me as a person or my level of fitness - I had completed the C25K at this point with no problems at all and regular ran for about 40 mins 3 times a week. He really believed that what he was saying was helpful and that because he was a man I should take notice of his ill-informed opinions. I changed the time I went to the park for a bit and ran in other places as I couldn't guarantee being polite to him during a second conversation.

    Everyone else I have met whilst running and walking has been universally pleasant. Do go out and do exercise. Don't be afraid of what people will think. Most of them think "gosh, I wish I could do that".

  • Good for you x (for not biting his head off too, I would have!!)

  • And I'm one of them! At the moment I couldn't run for a bus but I'm working on it. I loved your story, keep on running!

  • Well done - eventually you'll outrun the bus!

  • Couch to five K is really good, I did it at a club which had positives and negatives but I'm still running and loving it xx

  • Couch to 5k is my ultimate goal, I really hope to get started on it by this summer (right now I couldn't run for a whole minute if my backside was on fire, but I've sworn I'll get there eventually!)

  • Thats a lovely story. Whatever weight I get to, I dont think I'll ever run like a cheetah. Total respect to anyone who can, or even tries. x

  • I think this is a time to add, you can be physically fit without having the 'perfect' body! :)

  • and VisaVersa

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