Start as I mean to go on

Start as I mean to go on

Everything home made..sorted kitchen cupboard out donating anything I wasn't using to the Salvation Army food bank rather than in the bin. The made my chicken with sauce from scratch, Jar of pasata, paprika, saffron, a little water and a spoon of English mustard a poured over chicken covered and straight in the oven, accompanied by herbie potato wedges runner beans and carrots. The whole family liked it :) bonus when we can all eat the same.


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5 Replies

  • Looks yummy ☺ I love paprika with chicken ☺ Thank you for sharing

  • What a great idea... tins to Sally Army... good luck and some great ideas with food too..

  • Good give to the food bank!! I need to go through kitchen cupboards and give away anything that is bad for you.. ( I may keep one pack of custard creams!!!)

  • That looks good and it is so much better for all the family Pbusby. Can I suggest you record your recipes somewhere (I store mine on an App called Paprika) as you will forget quite how you did in once you are making lots of delicious things. You might even want to adapt it, for instance I would use sweet potatoes because I just love them.

  • That looks delicious, Pbusby, but in order for everyone to be able to access your recipe, you need to edit your thread and add it to the Recipes/Meals/Snacks Topic :)

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