Why lifestyle change works

Hi guys, its been awhile now since i embarked on a lifestlye change instead of just a regular "diet" and i thought i would divulge more on the hows and why instead of just stating my weight like normal, well when i started i had previously gained 4.5st after losing 3st and knew it was down to my lifestlye so then i decieded to change the ways i was used too slowly, looking at what i was consuming and why that particular food, by making small changes one step at a time and not cutting everything out at once (as that has caused me to fail prior)

I knew that i needed to see this through for multiple reasons, being 19 at 19st 12lbs i knew that health problems were only around the corner and i had to change to basically enjoy life to its fullest, and a big worry of mine was causing damage i couldn't undo and becoming a recluse. because of my weight..

Im now nearly 22 and today i weigh 11st 9lbs, lost 1lb since last week weighing 11st 10lbs so i have now lost 115lbs / 8st 3lbs, i surprise myself, but know deep down why i have been on this journey, solely for myself i decided i was going to put me first and focus on me and thats what im doing.

When starting i know self doubt is there making you feel you cant and wont and its easier to give in and eat the wrong food in big amounts, but saying no and having self control againt foods, and in food fueled situation is a great feeling and makes you feel great about yourself, I now weight weekly, i dont count calories religiously i am just mindful of the foods and amounts i consume but always remember to enjoy it and not to feel like im missing out the fact the choices and changes i have made i know are easy to keep on top of and can adapt in different situations if need be, ecercise all i do is walk more and any type or adapted exercise i can do in my living room, or generally fit in to my daily routine and i actually enjoy it now ☺☺

Sorry for rambling, hope your all doing well and losing weight onwards and downwards keep it going 👍 good job

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17 Replies

  • Thanks for sharing, rjay, it's always motivating and inspiring to hear from people that have been there and done it and, my goodness, you have done it, big style! Many, many congratulations, you've done brilliantly! :)

    It's definitely down to lifestyle change, because I think we're all living proof that quick fixes don't work, in the long term.

    I'm delighted that you found the way that works for you and I'm sure that reading this, will help many more find their way too.

    Thanks again and good wishes for the rest of your journey and beyond :)

  • Thank you moreless for the kind words, really means a lot,

    Yes ive defiantly experienced the short term / quick-fixes, problems being we set a time frame in mind to lose a certain amount weight, then after that go back to old ways and expect the weight to stay off.

    Yes me too, and i really hope others do find guidance of some sorts within the post, as i've been there lots of weight to lose and no motivation, buts sticking to it is possible

    Thanks you, Ryan

  • Well done, you are so right about lifestyle.

  • Thank you Ella, small changes big differences :)

  • WOW good for you well done :-)

  • Thank you :)

  • You're not rambling at all rjay. A lot of what you're saying rings true with my journey, especially about changing the ways slowly, which I reckon saves the mind/body going into shock and then rebelling.

    Thanks for posting.

  • Thank you and yes totally agree "mind/body going in to shock" slow changes and dealing with them sure enough become normal and defiantly manageable :)

  • Fab post rjay95,

    You must be feeling so pleased that all your hard work has paid off, I hope you are enjoying life to the full😀

    I'm sure that everyone who reads your post will not fail to be inspired and motivated😀

    Very best wishes and continue to enjoy your life to the fullest xx


  • Thank you Flossie

    yes very pleased just the fact i can, is a lot, still got some way to go but no time scale no rush i'll get there, Thanks, ryan :)

  • Hi Ryan,

    I know you will get there😀 and look forward to catching up as you continue your journey. You've certainly motivated me this weekend.


  • Thank you for sharing your incredible journey rjay95 😊

    Very inspiring and helpful to others

  • Thank you Anna, we've all been a Newbie at some point or struggled along the way, and needed a little nudge, persistence is key :)

  • What I love about your story rjay95, is that you are only 22 and you have taken control of your life and appear to have done it in a sustainable way. You should be very proud of what you have achieved. You have the rest of your life ahead of you and I think with your determination you can achieve anything you want. You are an inspiration😄🌺

  • Thank you lucigret for the fab reply, i got to a point where i felt i needed to take control of things and head in a direction i wanted, no more waiting for things to happen, i apply that to every aspect of life, Thanks, Ryan :D

  • You will go far with that attitude, I wish you every success in life, I think you have found your pot of gold at the end of the rainbow already rjay95 🌈

  • Super post rjay95 really motivational to hear your story and a massive well done for seeing through your promise to yourself. Incredible weight loss.

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