Does anyone suffer with GORD?


I've suffered with GORD since I had my gallbladder out back in 2013. I wasn't diagnosed for 18 months, just thought I had a persistant cough but now on Omeprazole. I've been on it for a while now and would really like to come off them but at the moment I still need them. Obviously loosing weight will help but I'm finding exercise hard as it makes it worse. (walking seems to be the best option but i have a 4 year old and she cant walk far or fast but we have a little trot)

I've read somewhere that drinking warm water with fresh lemon first thing in the morning can help, and actually it does, just wondered if anyone had any other tips for coping with it without using medication, especially at night. I know what to avoid, chocolate, caffeine, spicy meals, fizzy drinks, alcohol, basically anything bad and not to eat late. ( I've had a slip over the last two weeks and I'm paying for it now).

Doctor says loosing weight is the best cure. Easy said than done. The top of my oesophagus is constantly swollen and the only time i get relief from the lumpy feeling is when I eat so I've been caught in a circle the last few years.

Has anyone who's lost weight seen any improvement?....



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8 Replies

  • I don't suffer from GORD Mary, but have seen posts about it.

    If you type GORD into the search box, at the top right of your screen, there are dozens of posts on the same subject, which I'm sure will help with your questions :)

    Good luck! :)

  • thank you I'll do that! :-)

  • I don't suffer GORD either marydot, but if you were advised to go low-fat for your gallbladder op, it probably isn't helping

  • Hi Marydot, I have this intermittently and do need the medication when it flares up but not in between. I find eating small volume meals helps so small quantities of nutritionally dense food works better for me than large plates of low calorie food. Do you have any identified triggers which make it worse? I can't eat beans unless I take a lansaprazole first so mostly avoid the beans.

  • Hi Fran182716. Chocolate and fizzy alcohol drinks seem to be my triggers. I'm hoping the more weight I loose the better it will get. The doctor says I need to strengthen my stomach muscles, had a c section 4 years ago and only just got the feeling back in the bottom half of my stomach so trying to do sit-ups etc but it sets off my GORD so concentrating on my food first more than the exercise. I do have chocolate now and again but I think I'll have to cut it out completely - which is really depressing - but I guess I'll have to remember I'll feel so much better If i can avoid it.

  • Oh and also avoid tight clothing!

  • No problem there!!! :0)

  • stretch jeans all the way!

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