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I am glad that I came back to the running world

Running helped me to loose my weight; to live a happy life and to feel energetic at work and more productive. However I have not run for months due to foreseen reasons.

Now I am glad this is my third day to run for 4 km everyday.

I would like to get suggestions what needs to be considered after being couch for several months then you just start running.

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Just Do It!

Slow and steady! No hurry.. just be consistent. You will be back to form soon.

All the best :)


I echo the above thoughts.

While it's common to enjoy a renewed sense of vigour and verve, it's important not to allow yourself to become carried away.

Run every other day, allowing for recovery in between. On rest days, focus upon developing strength in the legs and core through resistance exercise, or even consider spinning, if you happen to be a member of a gym.

Overuse, before the muscles are sufficiently accustomed, can lead to injury.


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