Sugarfree vanilla chai cupcakes

Sugarfree vanilla chai cupcakes

Well I've been sugarfree since the first of February and trying out different recipes but this is my first sweet treat, I tried sugarfree vanilla chai cupcakes ( recipe found here ) I did make some changes and made sure I had no sugar involved and amazingly had xylitol in the cupboard as my partner was making some tooth repair thing he'd seen (long story)

Personally I'm not a fan of sweeteners but I had the ingredients in and really fancied a sweet treat due to it being Valentine's Day. The cakes I made are extremely light and taste ....ok, it's just the sweeteners leave an after taste I'm not use too. I worked out from what I used in the cakes each one is 182 calories.

To be honest if you have the ingredients around to make the cake then give it a go but I wouldn't recommend going out and buying the stuff specially as it would be too expensive for what they are.

Ive posted a picture and if anyone looks at the recipe link you can see I did not pipe my topping 😉 and mine look a little sad compared, also in the recipe it says it makes 24 but I did a UK conversation and only made 12 must of done something wrong 😂

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4 Replies

  • Well done for trying something different. I hope you shared them or froze some as that's a lot of cakes to eat in one day. Well done again. 👍

  • Thank you lol I did share them with friends and family and have had mixed reactions, I have two left which in using for our pudding latter.

  • Thank you. Might have a go at some variation of this for Mr B. I have most of the ingredients in - but, for example, I will just go ahead and use "normal" milk as I do not have almond milk in. The topping as shown looks excessive anyway. And they don't look cup cake size in the photo - more like fairy cakes, so maybe you didn't do anything wrong. Off to "translate" the cups into English. :)

  • I also change the almond milk myself for normal milk. 😳

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