Weight losses Defies Me

So I have been very good but the scales dont say so. I posted in January not happy with slow weight loss. My Fitness has improved so well and I am proud of that. I run, I do bodypump and yoga. In January I was not calorie counting (but not eating excessively). In February I started counting calories (I had lost 6.6lb since 1st Jan - but over the last couple of days I have stood back on the scales and it says I have put on 2kg! yes this weekend I had friends over. Yes I drank some Gin Cocktails - no I didn't do a long run on Sunday but surely this cant be the nature of the game - 6 weeks ruined buy a Friday catching up with friends. I would mind either but dispute my slow weight loss still nobody had noticed. Yesterday I ate sensibly, I ran and went to yoga but still the scales went up. I promise I am not secretly raiding the fridge or the wine cabinet. I feel really deflated. Any suggestions?


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9 Replies

  • Sorry should say "I wouldn't mind either but dispite my slow weight loss still nobody had noticed"

  • Morning Watton

    Unfortunately it can go on a lot quicker than it comes off! I'm like you had a active weekend catching up with family and the scales have now gone in the wrong direction! When your out with your friends why not have a soft drink between the cocktails to limit the calories.

    Just put it down to experience and draw a line through it. You are back on track with your sensible eating yesterday so that's brilliant. Just keep going you will get there.

  • Only 3 small Cocktails but I take your point

  • Careful with soft drinks - they can have more calories than alcohol!

    A standard glass of white wine - 126kcal; Appeltiser - 123 cal; shot of whisky 64 cal; J20 orange and passionfruit 145 cal!

  • Watson, the scales aren't everything. Your fitness and exercise is something to be really proud of. If you feel more healthy that is great. Please don't get so cross with the inanimate object that is the scales and sabotage the good work that you have done. Just come back with the motivation that saw you through January. Enjoy your journey it has to become your lifestyle.

    Take care and good luck.

  • If you read the Tuesday weigh in posts, Watton, you will see this has been a bad week for many of us, it would seem! 6.6lb is good, and faster than my weight loss, which is very slow. (Did you mean to mix up lb and kg?) All I can say is that when it goes on that quickly, it can come off just as quick! Don't give up!

  • Hi Its probably just water weight that will disappear as quickly as it arrived - don't give up you are doing really well!

  • I know just what you mean about feeling bad 'cos nobody notices. I have told no one about my attempt to drop the pounds. Have gone on a very low carb diet since middle of Jan, cut out sugar to a great extent apart from what is in no fat yoghurts and been really strict with myself. Unfortunately I can't exercise much due to a blood condition which leaves me fatigued most of the time. Also, I don't weigh myself ever - however, I have a pair of linen trousers that had become tight to say the least (this is what spurred me on to diet) and yesterday tried then on and they fairly slipped over my bottom and sat comfortably on my hips. Yipee! I know it's working so onward and downward. Good luck and keep going, the fat must come off in the end.


  • Great work Linda. I got the tape measure out yesterday and I have definitely lost inches 👍 The scales today say I'm down 0.5kg I have decided to focus on the tape measure 😉

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