Still going

Still going

It's been a while since I posted anything on here so just wanted to say hi and share with you that I am still on my weight loss journey.

I started "making better choices" in March 2016 and as a result I have lost just under 3st. It seems like I've been stuck at my present weight for ages but I am not letting myself be demotivated - I just keep trying because I know that it will be worth it.

I recently bought a Fitbit and find that this really encourages me to exercise especially since I made friends in the Fitbit community as we can challenge each other on a daily basis to exercise and support each other to achieve our goals. I haven't exercised so much in years and have found that I am much more competitive that I thought I was. I am going out for walks on a daily basis just because I want to do more steps than my Fitbit friends (something I would not normally do at all).

Good luck to you all on your continued weight loss journey and keep making t right food choices - you know what they are!!


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7 Replies

  • Hi it must be great with the 3st. Loss. Keep on going. G56

  • It's great to hear that you're still going strong, Big_Mama and well done for almost losing 3 stone! That's fantastic! :)

    Would you like a 2 stone badge, because maybe your competitive streak would push you to swapping it for a 3 stone badge? :)

    Keep up the great work! :)

  • I'd love a badge please!

  • My pleasure, it looks terrific on you. Wear it with pride :)

  • Thank you and good luck to you too :) (even though we're in control here and we have totally got this!!)

  • Fantastic job with your weight loss so far, and keeping up with it for so long - it's good to hear that it is possible! I was interested to hear about the fitbit too and how you use it and how it has helped, as I don't have one, but was thinking about getting one.

  • Well done for keeping going. Its hard when that annoying number doesn't move despite our best efforts. Congratulations on the exercise routines, thats a great achievement in itself.

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