Trust me, I'm a Doctor

Wonder what this program will bring. I do like Michael Mosley and it also says there is a bit on boosting metabolism which could be good for us all.

Also, did anyone see 'How to get fit fast?' I have recorded it, need to watch it. Maybe then I can be more active than the inspirational Claz and others on here who seem to be forever moving!


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22 Replies

  • It looks interesting, I will be watching.

  • I am reading his Fast Diet book at the moment really interesting about the HIIT exercise and the research that has gone into it so far.

  • I like MM too. His programme on the 5:2 back in 2012 inspired me.

  • He's rather attractive too, isn't he?

  • I watched the "how to get fit fast" last night and it mentioned spinning & aerobics.... so I'm on the right track there !

    and DANCING was one of the best exercises too... so all my dancing round the lounge to get my steps up is a good thing too do ! .... Gill3000 nteapea lismcl lizzy65

  • I thought of you when I saw that bit!!!

  • Maybe we should all join you💃🏻

  • Thanks for heads up, Ella. Set in the planner to record.

    As for How to Get Fit Fast, I watched it yesterday evening and found it both interesting and insightful. I hope you enjoy it as much as I did when the opportunity allows.

  • I've got "trust me I'm a doctor" on series link as I like watching that EllaMidlands and interested about the metabolism as I've had years of dieting so think I need a boost!

  • Boosting metabolism can boost ageing too, so there's a balancing act to be done. Ron Rosedale says that 'running cool' with lower than normal thyroid levels is actually beneficial for anti-ageing.

  • What is "running cool" Concerned ?

  • A slower than average metabolism, with lower than average hormone levels, less energy expenditure spent on warming the body for example.

  • Ah, I was thinking too literally there! Thought you meant running! I think technically I run cool as I'm underactive.

  • Not to be confused with the film about Jamaican bob-sleighing either ;-)

  • It was interesting. Thinking of looking at resistance bands for my strength exercises on the 12 week planner sheets as I've been struggling to get that in.

  • Yes I watched it on catch up TV. I also downloaded the other Healthy living one. There is so much information going about. I only learned this evening that there arsenic in the rice after cooking.!!?? Different methods of cooking can reduce that by soaking the rice & boiling the rice in plenty water. Rince after in boiling water. Please advise & check. G56

  • Yes - I found that interesting. I do boil Basmati rice in plenty of water and drain the excess water using a colander as I prefer the grains to be separate. However, I will now soak the rice in warm water first and drain before boiling in plenty of water. My mum always used to soak the rice, so maybe I should have followed her rather than trying to save 'time' by skipping the soaking step. I think the soaking step may also help the rice become more fluffy when cooked as I prefer the way my mum cooked it.....

  • I'm now glad I don't like rice !!

  • I think the risks need to be seen in perspective as there are lots of 'poisons' in our environment. The risk of cancers are higher in other foods such as red meat or risk of ingesting mercury from seafood etc. Rice is a staple food that has been eaten for many centuries and I am not aware of any evidence that cancer rates are much higher in India/China.

    I currently eat rice one or twice a week and I think I will be able to safely do so if I follow their advice on minimizing the risks....

  • I am keen on reducing my carbs, so I like to cook half Basmati Rice with half Yellow Lentils (Mung Dal). The lentils are a good source of protein and they add a nice taste compared to just plain rice. It goes well with most curries.

  • I watched it last night, having taped it the other night. I found it quite interesting - particularly the section on running and the impact on your joints and also the bit where Anna Richardson tried yoga, which was pretty funny and reminded me of my own first time, where I got overconfident and knocked three people over in a terrible domino effect.

    The HITT bit was also interesting and I liked how they used older people as the test case, rather than young gym bunnies. It also confirmed that I don't have the commitment to chicken breasts or the gym required to build me a six pack.

  • I thought the bit about arsenic in rice was extremely interesting. If a top science professor reckons it should be taken seriously, then I will be soaking my rice and boiling in lots of water from now on.

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