February Foray into Fun and Fitness - Week 2

February Foray into Fun and Fitness - Week 2

Week 2 - ready to run at it? Or swim, walk, box, dance...

How did you find your first week? Did you love what you were doing or was it a bit of a chore? Are you a bit bored of what you are you doing and fancy a change? Sometimes it takes a while to find something that we love to do and enjoy. If you don't enjoy it, chances are that you will give up pretty quickly. Have a look here for some options of things to try that fit in with your lifestyle:


Also, have a think about how you like to exercise. Do you like to be inside or outside? With other people or on your own? It's worth doing a checklist of what you prefer to give you a better match.

Personally I love a class for yoga and pilates with an instructor but if I'm walking I would rather be outside than on a treadmill. Sometimes I enjoy a walk with friends (and a chat!) and other times I like a bit of music and my own thoughts. I have also realised very recently that much as I love the idea of running I really prefer a brisk walk!!

Hopefully you have already managed to fit some exercise into your weekly routine. Maybe this week you can look at increasing it slightly if you didn't manage your target. Perhaps add five minutes onto your walk, maybe do a 10 minute strength workout while watching TV or folding the washing (squats and lunges are a great one for this!). Lots of mini workouts that you can have a look out - maybe your target could be adding in one of these each week:


Good luck with week 2 - I know you will all be giving it your best shot. Looking forward to seeing how we all get on next week.


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  • Even mild movement sends me into a very painful coughing fit but I really did try to do something today...I really can't let the side down. :( I did 5 minutes of dance today (had to stop, my chest felt as though it was on fire) and then rest and then I walked my dog (very briefly) only 20 minutes but I live on a very steep hill...again, my chest was in pure torture...took a while to catch my breath properly again and my throat is only just now calming down...but I am proud I did something.

    If I keep feeling like this there's no way I'm going to achieve the same results as last week... :(

  • Thank you for hosting this challenge though, it's brilliant. :D Xx

  • Oh poor you. Don't push yourself - sounds like you need to rest and get better. Hope it starts to improve soon. You can always pop back for week three.

  • hi all,

    I was not updating for 2 weeks almost here because I was gaining weight instead of loosing weight but 200 grams of increase. so started to work hard from today.

    hope to update from next week.

  • Is this where we leave last week exercise stats or are you working today and posting it tomorrow? It has kept me motivated though- thanks for thinking of it and running it

  • Yes, RG, leave your stats for the week here :)

  • Hi RG - yes please post here today. Thanks.

  • Hi Newbiewl, I know that you're going to be posting some results for us and your own weekly exercise, but I thought I'd start the ball rolling now :)

    My totals for the week are:

    Running - 276 mins

    Walking - 50 mins

    Cycling - 100 mins

    Zumba/dance - 120 mins

    Strength - 70 mins

    Total - 616 mins

    I've done more running than walking this week and have added in some strength and extra Zumba/dance. It must be doing something, because my legs are aching like mad! :D

    Thanks so much for 'running' this, it's certainly keeping me on my toes! :)

    I hope everyone's had a good week! :)

  • Another fab total. Great work on the running - looks like you the running bug is biting back! Hope the legs last...

  • That's a good 1.5 hours a day - amazing totals moreless . You may claim to be a tortoise, but some of us are certainly snailing along behind you.

  • I haven't had such a good week this week for various reasons but I have achieved 293 minutes of exercise - mostly walking this week. I hope to be able to fit more in again for next week.

  • Well done lucigret! Considering the fact that 150 mins is our aim, 293 mins is brilliant! :)

    Keep up the great work :)

  • I'm still struggling with my arm after last week's skiing accident. It's very limiting being a wheelchair user with only one arm working properly.

    This week I have done:

    Pilates - 143 mins

    Wheelchair propelling - 55 mins

    Walking - 53 mins

    TOTAL = 251 mins

  • That would be a brilliant result with two good arms, Finnberry, its even more of a terrific achievement with an injured arm!

    I hope that it heals quickly and that you'll be able to get back to your normal routine soon.

    Well done for being such a trooper! :)

  • Good week for me exercise wise. Thanks for running this.

    Stats for this week were 410 active minutes according to my fitbit which included lots of walking an 80 minutes at the gym and 40 minutes cycling

  • Woohoo, weightshifter! That's brilliant, well done you! :)

  • Hi

    My total for this week is a total of 334 mins

    90 mins level 4 of the NHS Strength & Flex exercise

    224 mins of brisk walking

    I have quite a few unintentional moderate exercise opportunities with the very cold and wet weather we have been having giving me a strong desire to get from A to B in as quick as possible and be able to include it to my exercise total.

    Still planning on mixing my exercise up but plan to weight until I've completed the NHS strength & flex exercise but its trying to fit them in with work and days off since i work from 7am to 7:30pm so I am limited to walking from the car (which I park off site) to work at a brisk pace. So its on my days off which can range from 2 days or 5 days in a week to fit in the exercise.

  • I think that whar you're managing to achieve around such long working hours, RG, is absolutely amazing! Go you! :)

  • Well, the good news is I managed more than 150 minutes, the bad news is I managed a lot less than last week.

    Active Fitbit (brisk walking) - 229 minutes

    I appear to be joining the 'unfit' brigade. My ankle has been more painful recently than it has in a long time, and I ended up dropping all the extra activities in an effort to keep going day to day. I have seen my wonderful physio this morning, and now have a plan going forward - some things I can do more of, others I need to do in serious moderation, and we agree that there is going to be some 'pain' in an effort to move forward overall - although obviously this has been carefully worked out - we are not in the no pain, no gain mode!

  • Oh my goodness, MissisB, poor you! Another one struggling against the odds, but still managing to achieve a brilliant total! I'm in awe! :)

    I'm glad your physio has been able to help you out and sort out a plan of action for you. I hope it offers maximum mobility, for minimum pain! :)

    Keep battling on, you're doing an amazing job! :)

  • I may be paying for my physio, but it is fascinating what I learn from him, and he is spot on with what, when and where I have pain. He also has tips for all sorts of exercise during the day, from going up and down stairs as often as possible, to things I can do whilst at the water machine, or sat at my desk (that'll be the side stretches to help my hips move more flexibly, which they have not been doing because I have been unconsciously guarding my ankle). Back to the Gym on Friday now.

  • Perfect, especially if you keep sharing the tips with us :)

    I used to be the Queen of finding the most efficient way to do everything, now I deliberately make work (read exercise) for myself :)

    Have fun at the gym! :)

  • Tip Number One. Do not go to dog training and break your ankle .......... Certainly not if you are female, of a certain age, and post menopausal.

  • I've written that on my memo board in capital letters! ;)

  • Hi Fab Forayers! My minutes' exercise this week was:

    135 Pilates

    80 Walking

    50 Yoga

    90 C25K

    15 Kinetic Challenge

    370 mins total. 35 mins less than last week so will aim to do more this week.

    Keep on moving Forayers :D ...xx

  • I'm intrigued about the Kinetic Challenge, ANewMe, please explain :)

    Great total and 'Ill bet you'll easily be able to add 5 mins per day, this week. I do wall presses, counter presses, squats and lunges, while waiting for the kettle to boil, or the microwave to ping. It soon adds up :)

  • The 30 day Kinetic Challenge was posted by theshrinkingbride on the Couch to 5k Forum. Exercises for limbering up and running better! Hopefully :D ! Wowsers! and well done to everyone who took part last week...xx

  • Hello everyone,

    Sorry for the radio silence. Am in the process of selling/buying a house - not at all stressful and time consuming...!

    So - you can now post your results for Week 2 here and I will collate for next week.

    Top 10 leader board from last week below - congratulations Aussiegirl270416 for a very impressive total to top the board:











    Well done for really smashing that 150 minutes! Everyone is working really hard, I hope that it is motivating you all to keep on moving.

    Good luck with the coming week.

  • Thanks Moreless for reminding me to post my own stats! (my brain is just running out of memory space!).

    Last week total: 300

    Body conditioning: 60

    Walking: 240

    Bit out of the routine now we have hit half term but managed to drag the children round Windsor Castle on Monday to get my steps up! Was nice to see some blue sky and sunshine while we were there but we didn't see the Queen...

  • Wish I'd seen some blue sky and sunshine this week. ๐Ÿ˜Š

    But it was much warmer today. Some incredible stats. achieved.

  • Hello. Despite the grey skies and rain it's been good to get out walking.

    225 walking

    60 minutes fitness class

    20 minutes gym

    305 total minutes

    Thanks again for the challenge. ๐Ÿ˜Š

  • Great work - especially as you walked despite the rain! It definitely felt like spring was in the air on Monday down here - not so much since then.

  • Hello all,

    I did 346 minutes in total this week.

    Cycling 105 minutes

    Strength and Flex 120 mins

    Walking 121 mins

    If you include strenuous babysitting for a toddler then hours more! :)

    Have a good week next week everyone. Thanks for the challenge and good luck with the house :)

  • I think a toddler is the hardest form of exercise! Lifting, carrying, climbing, running...the exercise you get from being with them is beyond exhausting! Glad you survived he week.

  • Thanks Newbiel. I repeated my efforts of last week, i.e. A 20 minute lunchtime walk x 5 (2 in glorious sunshine which made a big difference) + a 60 minute Sunday Zumba class. So 160 minutes in total this week on top of my regular 2 x 1 hour classes.

    Seeing the benefit of my exercises now with clothes getting loose. So I'm looking forward to some new spring outfits๐Ÿ‘

  • Glad you saw a glimpse of spring as well. Ooh a seasonal shop and loose clothes - great combination. Your routine is obviously paying off. Keep up the good work.

  • hi there my weeks exercise looks like this

    walking the dog 210 mins

    aerobics class 45 mins

    step class 30 mins

    spin class 30 mins

    running 80 mins

    Total 395 min

    it was the first time I had done spin, that was on Monday and I can still feel it in my thighs now! fingers crossed they feel better tomorrow so I can do my run xx

  • Wow. Am in awesome of anyone who attempts a spin class - never mind completes! Hope the legs recover. Well done.

  • HI, I meant to post yesterday but I couldn't do it on my phone and later in the evening I went for my walk and forgot, sorry.

    I've kept up 30 minutes walking every day, I've actually started to enjoy having 30 minutes peace and quiet. Also started using a cross trainer on Saturday, managed 5 minutes in the morning and another 5 in the evening, but it's quite exhausting. Did another 2 5minute sessions on Sunday, 5 on Tuesday and Wednesday.so

    walking: 210 minutes

    cross training 30 minutes.

    I think I'm going to stick with this for the moment and I have to say I enjoy the walking.

  • No probs, shadowboxer, better late, than never :)

    It's always a good idea to stick with what you enjoy, because then you're likely to keep it up. You've got a great routine going and it's way beyond the required 150 mins! :)

  • Really glad you are enjoying the walking. I have added some set walks into my week and have to say I now really look forward to them. I either get to catch up with friends or have some music on and either way is a lovely start and end to the week. Well done with the cross trainer- I really struggle with that! Keep up the great work.

  • I've found walking good too. It helps me organise things in my head. And keeps.me from pickingwhen I'm not really hungry, just bored. well done.

  • Good day once again,

    65 mins cycling

    580 mins decorating

    30 mins gardening

    40 mins core strength

    90 mins walking


    60 mins electrical work - running cables, climbing ladders, crawling in lofts etc...

    Total 865

    (I've guesstimated to make allowance of times such as chatting, coffee breaks etc)

  • Woohoo, ewillday, that's an amazing total! Well done you! What a lot of decorating!! :o

  • Wow! Great total. If I ever move house I know who to call for DIY tips! You must be exhausted...

  • Thank you Newbiewl I did get tired as I had about 48 hours of what I thought was flu but now think may have been food poisoning. New carpets and floor are coming in at the beginning of next month so its a case of "needs must when the devil bites your bum". I've still got to rip an old bathroom out and replace it (hopefully learn a new skill set).

    Have a good w/e.

  • Moreless suggested I asked on here - is anyone (apart from looney MissisB) into indoor rowing, preferably C2?

    Apologies if I have missed anyone saying they do this.

  • I hope you find someone, MissisB! :)

  • Sorry no. Where do you do indoor rowing? Gym?

  • Yes, I do it in the Gym, although I have saved up to buy my own C2 - I just haven't negotiated a space for it with Mr B yet. ๐Ÿ˜€

  • Hi TheJuggler

    Sorry for the late reply but I have been ill the last few days with a cold that knocking me about at the moment.

    I have only been walking this week for 590 minutes.

    No exercise bike, did try my new E-Strider but only managed 8 minutes. Struggling at the moment as still not feeling well. Hope next week will be better.


  • Rose!! 590 minutes, is a mega amount of walking! Well done you, especially as you've been so poorly! :)

  • Thanks moreless A lot of the walking was over the weekend with my son before I was ill. I haven't touched the exercise bike all week, but hoping this week will be different.

  • Good grief! I can't imagine how much walking you're going to do when you're fit and well! :o

  • Good morning all and thank you TheJuggler for running this challenge ๐Ÿ˜Š

    The week ending 7.2.17 I managed 445 minutes of exercise. The week ending 14.2.17 I managed an amazing 720 minutes and didn't I feel it!! Miles of sightseeing in Valencia made this a most enjoyable week ๐Ÿ˜Š

    This week is also looking good ๐Ÿ˜Š

    Great challenge!! ๐Ÿ˜Š๐Ÿšดโ€โ™€๏ธ๐Ÿ’ƒ๐Ÿผ๐Ÿ‘Ÿ๐Ÿถโค

  • Ooh hope you saw lots of sunshine. Well done on a fab total. Always nice to get some minutes in somewhere else. We went to London at the weekend and was amazed at how many steps we clocked up just wandering round. Hope you had a lovely time.

  • Thank you, yes, it's easier to walk somewhere different isn't it? Weather wasn't great tbh but it was a lovely place ๐Ÿ˜Š

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