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I didnt eat the healthiest this weekend as I had an awful day friday, I spent over an hour walking home from work in the pouring rain so my boyfriend took me out for dinner and I couldn't stay healthy. On Saturday I had a frozen pizza in the evening and only egg on toast in the morning. On Sunday I had cheerios, popcorn, a roast dinner and a pancake for dessert.

I didnt put on any weight at all over the weekend as I was going out and walking around. I also am really struggling with jogging I cant jog for more than 20 seconds but i really want to try and go the couch to 5K.

I did resist a mcdonalds and KFC in the weekend so I am proud of myself for that but I need to lose another 2-3 stone by September when I go to Florida for my brothers wedding.

Thank you in advance,

Lucy xx

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Hi Lucyjane,

It can take a few weeks to really get into the swing of things and it's all about learning to walk, before you run (sorry for the pun ;) )

Break everything down into manageable steps and take them one at a time. Success is mainly down to forward planning and being prepared for when things don't go according to plan.

I always make sure that I have healthy meals in the freezer, for those days that there's no time, or no inclination, to cook.

I often choose to walk in the rain and it can actually be quite exhilarating, it's all about perception and that goes for running too. My first few attempts at running, were a total disaster! I didn't think I'd be able to run for 30 seconds, never mind 30 minutes, but then the penny dropped! You have to believe you can, to be able to. My second week was a lot better, because I told myself how long I was going to run for and just got on and did it! I have to say too, that it's easier to run for longer periods, than it is to run for shorter periods, so instead of the programme getting harder, it actually gets easier :) Come and join the Tortoise and Hare Running club, where you can mix and mingle with people of all ages and abilities. If we can do it, so can you :)

You can do this and we can help :)


As moreless says Lucyjane20 it takes time to learn what works and what doesn't for us as an individual 😕 You have quite a few positives in there, focus on those, try to enjoy the pricess, and not purely think about the end result ☺ You are doing really well, 12 lbs off already ☺

Best wishes



It's a nightmare of a weekend. We are always out and about and tend to eat away from home. Its very hard to stick to a plan that way. I've got 2 -3 stone to go so I know the journey you're on. Good luck.

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