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Weight loss roller coaster

Hi. This is my third week of being on the NHS plan solid (I have done 4 weeks before christmas, loSt a stone and put most back on again). I lost 1lb in the first week which didn't suprise me as I wasn't as committed. Last week though I went full throttle and lost 5lb and an inch off my waist. I was gobsmacked. I'm now dreading my weigh in I'm on Sunday as I feel that last week was so great that it won't match up to it. I'm the type to think that any weight loss is an achievement but it's still niggling at the back of my mind. Any advice? X

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Good morning I hope you are doing well today. I'm new here and doing the first week of the 12 week plan. I sometimes dread being weighed. I'm going to try my very best for the group and myself. I wish you luck & don't worry we can do this together. Kind regards George 🍎


Hi lauraward86, looks like you're doing really well anyway. You've just summed up exactly how I feel each week. I'm in week 5, my weigh-in is Monday and I start stressing at the weekend that I won't have lost anything. I'd be happy with zero loss as long as there's no gain because I look at this as a very long term battle. However, I doworry about putting weight on.

Additionally, I've been saying to people that even if they have gained at all, to get back up and push on, which is something you've already done. I should listen to my own advice and maybe be more chilled really. Perhaps that niggling is a good thing as it helps keep us focused.

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Don't set your expectations too high. A 2lb a week is a recommended healthy target and that is what you should be aiming for. Whatever the scales say don't be disappointed, just stay with it and you will see results

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Hello lauraward86

I know how you feel, we all worry about those pesky numbers!! 😕

But try not to focus solely on the scales, becoming healthier and slimmer is about so much more, not least losing inches and improving fitness. ☺

For me, after a lifetime of obesity and yo-yo dieting, this is as much about the journey as the destination ☺

Best wishes


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