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Feeling a lot better except a cough here or there when I laugh. I am happy to say I started the Februarys challenge and

I went for a 1/2 walk at the track. very proud of myself. I hope everyone is getting out too and feeling good about themselves as well.

I bought a pair of scales yesterday and they talk to me. they let me know how much I weigh. I just could not resist. I got them at a thrifty store for $8 dollars added bonus like saying pick me, pick me. haha.

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Glad you're feeling better and joint the February challenges, I think they're rather good too! :D

Good luck :)

Sazkia :)


Nice to be in good company, I also started the Feb challenged and managed to walk for an hour. I am so trying to get to 10,000 steps per day. Really pleased that someone put the challenge up or I doubt I would have walked so far today-felt good for it though.

My sister used to love her talking scales and Mum, who was blind, had a talking alarm clock. Technology can be so clever.

Keep up the good work.


Thank-you and good luck to you. Great first day in the challenge for you. We can do this and feel proud of ourselves!!


Good for you . My friend got scales with BMI data too. Thet said' Err' when she got on and she cried ! Look in the mirror, be proud of your achievement and wink at yourself !


Glad to hear you are feeling better and laughing, even if it makes you cough!


Well done Wadestreet for walking that far. You're right a challenge does make you move, yesterday I danced for 20 mins as well as doing 6000 steps so hopefully onwards and downwards. Good luck everyone 👏👏👏


That's great. Doing Good and proud!!!


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