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Second week success

After losing only 1 lb in first week I was a little sad but when weighed this week I had lost 2.5 kg in total (2weeks). Motivation improved. Lots more exercise than normal and have cut out a lot of chocolate, biscuits and cake. Allowing odd treats but amazing how guilty I feel if I have them. Is there a way of knowing if you need to take on extra calories when exercising or do you just hope for more weight loss? Cheers all

PS 15 in club at work so potential winnings are £120. We are going to have three winners now. A £60, £40 & a £20. Keep people motivated.

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Are you already planning how to spend your winnings?

I think the question about exercise might depend how much you're doing. If you're exercising really hard I'd guess you might need to eat a bit more but if it's medium/gentle exercise I'd just think of the additional calories you've used as a bonus.


Thank you, it's hard for me but not really hard core exercise, I run well gently jog 5k on a Saturday in 40 minutes and swim 40 lengths In an 18m pool. Backstroke. I'm not used to much exercise. It would be nice to win one of the prizes. Not been so good today as had a chocolate biscuits and a piece of ginger cake! Must be really healthy rest of week now, cannot undo what's started.

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Well done aclenujune ☺ That's a very good weight loss ☺ I'm glad it has given you a boost☺

Do you know that the forum has Group weigh-ins? They run 6 days a week and you will find then under 'events' on the 'home' page (the one with the strawberries). Depending upon which device you have this will either be on the right hand side of the screen or right at the bottom after all the posts ☺

Mondays and Tuesdays are full, but Wednesday is available so you could join that one? You just post your details in the reply box ☺ To lighten the load we ask that everyone responds to at least one other member, ideally the person directly ahead of you on the thread. This is a bare minimum, though and we'd love to see everyone cheering on as many people as they wish, on as many days as they like ☺

It would make things so much easier for us if you could state your weight, how much weight you've lost/gained/maintained this week and your goals for the week ahead. Other than that, feel free to share any details of your week that you like. ☺

Best wishes



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