Oh heck!

Fell off the wagon today. Ouch! I went walking with friends this morning, two hour hike, felt so virtuous. Ate a sensible light lunch, all good so far, counting calories. Then OH rings to say he will be late for dinner (some nice low calorie hake). So anyway I had a little nibble, just a few crisps to keep me going, then a piece of cheese ....then some of the Christmas leftover chocolates- funny how it came to me where I had hidden them. In fact I spoilt my tea, by the time I came to serve it up. I'd lost count of my calories and generally lost the plot! Why oh why did I do that? And on my weigh in day too. Sigh...!


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13 Replies

  • Oh that's a bummer. Lesson learned though. When you get that phone call go straight to the fridge and prettily plate up some asstd fruits / veggies so you keep those demons at bay with a lovely plate of good guys. Back on the wagon tomorrow!

  • Good idea, Candystripe. Thanks for that! 😊

  • Been there, got the tee shirt too Tubbyteacher! It works. X

  • I sympathise.I started off ok today ,then caved in tonight and opened a large tin of chocolates.Need I say more.😠

  • Back on the wagon now then, rosie15. X

  • Yes I must.Just been one of those days.Woke up feeling low.No reason.

  • Nice hot bath, early night, tomorrow's another day👍

  • Thanks.

  • Let's hope we both have a better day!

  • Oh dear! The problem is food's just too scrumptious!

    Maybe get your OH to do the hiding from now on and record your calories as you nibble. I accepted the offer of a (rather fancy) chocolate cookie at work and when I looked it up on my app I found it had over 300 calories! Thank goodness I found out or I would have had two. 😮

  • I didn't find it an easy day, been busy with work and consistent back pain. Had my son's leftover pizza...walked 50 miniatures, don't know if I've done enough to offset the extra calories from pizza.

  • I think we can all relate to what you did, still trying to work out how to deal with that situation as all logic and planning completely disappears. A new day tomorrow !

  • That happens a lot to me too. I try to have set eves when we'll definitely be home at the same time and eat together.

    Other eves if there's going to be a significant time difference we eat separately (my partner has to reheat his, or he gets his own pizza if I'll be back late...). But it doesn't always work and like you I can 'ruin' my dinner by starting on the wine etc while waiting. In the summer I might be more easily convinced to go out for a run instead, but the time of year has a lot to answer for there too :(

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