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Meal Planning / Shopping Planning

Hello everyone!

I'm sure this has been discussed before, but it's something I'm finding it struggle with quite a bit!

I have all these glorious ideas of healthy foods to cook and make for work and for days off, but when it comes down to it I either struggling to find the time (maybe I should say I fail to make the time) or I go to the supermarket and end up giving in to all the temptation!

So I'd like to know, how do you all go about this? What works for you?

Thanks 😄

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Can you do your grocery shopping online and have it delivered. Cook a few meals at a time and freeze them until dinner times during the week.


Unfortunately the spend limit set for online delivery is too much for me and my budget! 😕

I definitely need to invest in some freezer suitable tubs!


Hi, I plan my meals, make a list and stick to it, apart from extra fruit and veg. I enjoy food shopping and cooking so don't struggle with it, but I usually incorporate at least 1, sometimes 2 slow cooker meals as I find this frees up time as it usually makes enough for 2 days and is simple to prepare. I allow myself 1 'cheat' day a week so I don't feel denied, that usually includes nice bread or pastry, but I still stay within my calorie allowance. Oh, and always eat before you go food shopping, never do it on an empty stomach, otherwise you will be tempted to put all sorts in your trolley! Good luck!


I love my slow cooker! It only tends to make an appearance during the winter though 🤔 I may have to change that!

I love cooking, I want to make one of my weekly goals to cook one new meal a week! But I tend to find that when I plan for work it tends to be boring and that's when I deviate and binge (I work across from a Co-Op shop 😵)

Yes! I have heard that before! And it's a very very good bit of advice!

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been there done that..a lot .first week I have written down menus for assorted break,lunch, dinner - day 6 today of week 1, first 2 days diff, but stuck to menu, chuffed🎈want to lose as much as pos by 1 May


I find batch baking is a huge help. I cook vats of soups and freeze in single and double portions, for those days when I don't feel like cooking. I am retired now so have more time, but when I was a full time teacher, I always did this for a family of four. Now we are just two, but I still do it for those days when I know I won't have time and would be likely to grab anything that wasn't moving to eat, whether it was healthy or not (and usually not of course). Most meals can be cooked in batches and it takes no longer than cooking a single meal. It's just another good habit that you can get into, which will make you wonder why you never did it before!

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I have always loved the plan of batch cooking, and like you said it's one of those habits I just need to get into and properly work into my weeks!

I live between my mother's house and my Fiancés place, so having something I could grab from the freezer at both places would be ideal!

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I found it useful to switch supermarkets. I associated the old one with unhealthy stuff and used to walk round on auto pilot. Now I go to a different store it is so much better because I have never bought bad stuff there and I had to get used to the new layout. It works for me. When my husband does the shop every other week he goes to the old shop as it sold a few bits the new one doesn't do.


Thank you for the idea!

I used to shop at Asda but have switched to Tesco as their quality with fresh foods is much better!

I think I'm going to either make or invest in a meal planner, so I can plan what I'm going to make using mostly the same ingredients, as to save on money 😊


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