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Where's my mojo gone!

I don't know why but I have lost all motivation.

Last week I started off well but just slipped as the week went on and by the weekend I had gone out for a burger on Saturday and a roast on Sunday. For some reason I cannot get my head in the game which is so weird because I was so revved up for the New Year???

Even today, I weighed myself (I have stayed the same FYI - 16st 6lbs, which actually is a relief) and thought I will try much harder this week then got to work where my boss had a huge tub of jelly beans which I munched on all throughout the day. I just could not stop myself???!!!

I think I need a small target to work towards because I am soooooo bored of seeing the 16 stones on my scales. I REALLY WANT TO GET INTO THE 15'S!

So this will be my target, I've got 7lbs to go and will set myself the target of doing this in 4weeks.

I look forward to all your support :)

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Think about why you want to lose weight, what will you gain? What are you most looking forward to? If you focus on this you might not notice the sweets so much. Good luck!


I will definitely try! I know that I feel so much better when I am eating and drinking healthily and feel great about myself when I am losing weight so I will focus on this good feeling each time I am tempted.


You can do it!


You can do it ...allow yourself treats healthy ones and drink some water when you have a craving or have a herbal tea...putting lemon or lime in your water also makes it tasty.C x


At least you haven't gained which is brilliant!

I am at the same weight as I was back in late November so I know that desire to see a different number on the scales.

Think how great it will be to see a 15 something reading! You can do it Rosa!

Onwards and downwards!!! :-) x


Great you haven't gained you can do this I've struggled a little since Xmas getting myself back on track but today is my normal week after all the Xmas holidays so onwards and downwards you can do this 😀😀😀😀😀we can all do this 😆😆😆😆😆😆


If you can resist the urge, weigh yourself weekly rather than daily (you can google to find out why). I'm sure most of us, if not all, feel a bit lack of motivation at some point, but it's normal, give yourself a bit break, maybe focus on other things your enjoy for a while (not comfort food)? Hopefully you'll get your motivation back! Good luck!


Thanks you for all your tips and support, all of you. And yes it is great that I havn't gained, I will get back on track, I have too.


I think it is so much harder at this time of the year because it is cold, its like everything slows down - our circulation, our metabolism, our enthusiasm ...... !!

I would ask the people at work to support you by not putting jelly beans etc in front of you - they are like little magnets that draw you to them against your will! It is ONLY one day - tomorrow is a clean slate!

The strength comes in being able to just eat one tiny indulgence - not always so easy but not having temptation around is probably the ideal situation.

As I said in another post, he scales are saboteurs to our progress - lock them away in a cupboard and don't allow yourself to go onto them until you have completed 7 full days of eating no rubbish at all! I bet you would have lost some weight then!! ;)


Well it's ten past 4 and I have managed to avoid those little blighters so far and there is only an hour and twenty minutes left to go.

This morning when I came in they were looking at me so I hid them in my bosses drawer. Not only has he got them back out and on display but has also opened a massive tub of fizzy cola bottles! Arrgh what is he trying to do to his staff!!!


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