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Just started my weight loss journey again, hoping to lose 11kg gently over the year. I lost this with Slimming World a few years back, but bad habits have crept in and I have put most of the weight back on again. The impetus for doing this, apart from obvious health benefits -my sister passed away recently due to her body closing down through morbid obesity. It was tragic to see her body deteriorate and her illness caused a huge amount of work and psychological pain for her husband and carers. She continue to over-eat as much rubbish as she could up until the end. A sobering sight and a harsh reality check, having seen my own weight balloon upwards during the festive season.

So good courage to us all on our weight loss plans, and thanks in advance to you all for sharing the journey.

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Hi Bondigogo :)

Welcome to the forum, I am sure if you use it we can help you lose the extra weight and become fitter, healthier and more confidant. :D

I am really sorry to read about your sister, that's tragic and must have been terribly traumatising to witness someone you love go through that. As you have said though, this has been your reality check and I am sure your sister would want you to learn something from what happened. ♥

I wish you all the best so go make 2017 your year! You've got this! ;)

Sazkia ♥


Thank you, Sazkia, for your welcome to the forum. It will be good to have the support of like-minded people. All the best to you too.


Hello Bondigogo

Welcome to the forum ☺ Have a good look around, check out the pinned posts and please ask if you have any questions, we are a very friendly group ☺

I'm so sorry to hear about your sister, it's just so sad, and must have been so difficult for you all 😕

Don't worry about the Christmas gain, many of us are in the same boat, but you know what to do and with our support you will do it ☺

Best wishes



Thank you so much for the lovely welcome, Anna.

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