Don't let Christmas/New Year gains get you down

Don’t Let a Single Setback Get You Down.

You might slip up and overeat once in a while. Many people do.

If you do the key is to get back to a normal eating pattern with the next meal instead of going into a full relapse. Tell yourself kindly I had a slip up, so all I need to do now is get back on track quickly and DO it !!


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4 Replies

  • Someone posted a nice link for resolutions that you want to let stick. One of the points they make is that your next meal can be the start or the next minute for that matter. Two years ago I lost 10kg and then my mom was very ill and she died and I just binged until I was weighing 13kg more! If I could turn back the clock I would have stopped with the next bite that went into my mouth. I hope this time I'll remember to start everyday.

  • What a sad time for you and it's so easy to look back and know we should do things differently, but at the time - well we just try and get through somehow. I hope you have a good 2017 x

  • Wise words there miopus; I think many of us have over indulged over the last week or two, but it has been great hasn't it? Now we can start again and get back on track and I, for one, don't feel a bit guilty (normally this would have been the beginning of a slippery slope of a decline) so am feeling pretty good about the way I'm not beating myself up this year. Happy New Year x

  • I enjoyed Christmas very much especially prosecco! I am now back to a healthy mind set and just returned from an hour walk, had lovely healthy vegetable soup for lunch and will shortly prep my dinner of chicken and more veggies.

    Your message of getting back to healthy eating is so important and I hope everyone has a successful week. I also hope my 4lb gain doesn't hang around long 🙂

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