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Desperately need to lose weight

I'm the heaviest I've ever been at 11 and half stone I'm 5.8 and since losing my mum in August I've piled the weight on, I'm a full time carer for my dad so I tend to eat the same meals I cook him plus I'm a midnight snacker I'm desperate to lose weight I do a lot of walking but due to serious health problems I'm limited to what excise I can do I average 10:000 steps a day and I don't eat that much in all honesty I think it's lack of excise that's one of my main problems plus being a late night snacker I tend to eat savoury foods and not much chocolate though I do eat a lot of things like cheesecake cheese bread crisps nuts and cakes I am trying to cut down on my calorie intake and do more I'd appreciate any advice and help.

Thanks in advance



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Hi Suzyj1 :)

Sorry to read about your mother passing, that must have been incredibly difficult. :( Things can't be too easy caring for your father either, you're very good for doing that and I am sure he appreciates you greatly. ♥

Well, welcome to the forum, I hope you enjoy being a member of this community. :) There are pinned posts to the right of your screen, lots of helpful advise for you and of course I am sure there are plenty of people that will help you. :) You're quite tall at 5 foot 8 inches and 11 stone 7 lbs doesn't sound terribly over-weight to me but I can understand your concern at becoming increasingly bigger. Better to fix things now. ;) Good luck with that and I look forward to reading about your journey. :)

Sazkia. x

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Hi Suzyj1 , welcome to the forum. :-)

It must have been so tough losing your mum and now with caring for your dad you have a lot on your shoulders.

Take a look at this post for 'Newbies', it has lot's of useful advice:


It's easy to reach for cakes or snacks when feeling tired, although nuts in moderation are very nutritious so you shouldn't give them up completely! Why don't you try to experiment gradually with alternatives? I know it's not easy to give these things up but try cutting down and go gradually. Do you like fruit? Bananas are sweet and filling. Mangoes are my fave fruit.

Follow this link to find some healthy recipes, maybe there are things you can cook for you and your Dad?


I hope these ideas help you a little bit, I am sure others will give you lot's more advice!

Good luck!


I love fruit so replacing the bad things should be easy enough my other problem is I can go a few day's without eating then I eat more then I should I think this is part of my grief and stress it's a bad habit that I need to break.


So my big question is diet pills???? Are they worth the cost and more importantly the health risks? I take raspberry keystone and colone cleanses but get terribly stomach cramps I put this down to me taking these but I do have a rolling hiatus hernia and a ulcer so no 109% certain I want to lose weight naturally and in a healthy way at a healthy rate I know I'm tall and as as been pointed out my weight isn't to bad for how tall I am but I'm looking to the future I don't want to keep gaining weight at the rate I am doing I can't do much exercise due health problems I know there's no easy fix but I'm looking for advice on the best ways to give myself a boost.


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