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Losing 7st's the Goal!!

As the new years dawns I have decided that setting annual goals rather than making resolutions is the way forward. In addition to setting myself life, savings and career goals I am also setting health goals this year. I will be turning 30 at the end of the year and I want to do so looking and feeling the best I ever have. I think the key to success is a positive attitude and taking it one day at a time but all tips and ideas are welcome.

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hi. I've set myself a 7lb a month goal... in the hope of getting a 6st loss by the end of 2017... focus on small goals rather that the big number as that is too scary to think about.

good luck x

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Welcome to the forum Fit_4_30 It is 13 years since I was in your position but I think they sound like excellent goals. You seem to have a very positive attitude which is very important. I would just say that you could look at the Welcome Newbies post on the pinned posts on the right hand side of your screen to get some helpful tips and links to great sites like the NHS 12 week plan that many of us have used successfully. :)


I agree as I feel that making resolutions can be a disaster. If you don't manage to stick to them you feel such a failure. Setting short term goals is the way to go, achievable and rewarding in themselves as you succeed in reaching them. Good luck and welcome to the forum which is full of friendly supportive members who all share the same objective, weight control.


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