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Can I say I'm not interested in running a weigh-in group but I am interested in getting this site to look up-to-date. I'm happy to update the 'Newbie Welcome', clear out the 'pinned' posts of out dated challenges etc...By Monday the world and his dog will be waking up to the fact they need to get rid of the flab and get active it would be really useful if we had something fresh and current information to help them get started on their journey.

EDITED: I found the link and have contacted them:

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  • I'm not sure I can run a weigh-in, but happy to chip in, keep stats etc. Really great that you are prepared to do some 'housekeeping' and hopefully there will be enough of us prepared to do our bit and keep things going.

  • PashaW more than happy to do some 'housekeeping' and chip in with stats - like you said if enough people are prepared to help out we should be able to keep things going.

  • Well done for picking up the baton, good luck I look forward to fresh approach.

  • I can't help on administration side as I am only basically tech literate but if replying to posts with support etc will help I'm happy to do that.

  • wa2un7, I'm the same as you very basic on technology, but I perhaps I can help or support where I can. I'm certainly going to miss the others though, they did make me laugh the silly things they did were so funny to read. Their imaginations were amazing, oh well, we have to move on without them but I have to hope the fun and laughter will still be there.

    Thank you everyone for keeping going.

    Happy New Year 😀😀

  • I have also told Lowcal that I am happy to be a 'supporter' as I come on site at least once a day. I could help a bit with the weigh in, but not with doing Stats. Gradually I think a new team is forming to help keep things going.

    Angusina , it will be great to have someone housekeeping on the pinned posts. :-)

  • Good idea with housekeeping - the forum can be quite confusing and feel 'busy' to new people. I can't commit to regular helping due to running my own business and not having enough hours in the day, but I will try to respond to people more. I'm sure it's going to work out.

  • Angusina it is that very thing that I find most annoying on this site, wading through the posts of 3 years ago. Can we make that a priority ?

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