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Hi, I am 52, mum of 3. I have been recently diagnosed with a DVT, have other health problems going back as far as my teens when I had an eating disorder. I am at a stage in my life where my "head" is together, but health issues mean I should lose weight. I would like to lose 6 stone and have joined this group/ forum for advice/ support in whatever form I can get. I would also like to support others too. :)

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Hi there schmummy! Welcome! Seems to be a lot of support on here, with many of us in the same boat.

6 stone is absolutely achievable. It will be a long old slog, but it does get easier the further down the line you get and as you start to see and feel results.


You've come to the right place. Someone will be along soon with lots of info for the newbie but I was touched by your " I am at a stage in my life where my "head" is together, but health issues mean I should lose weight" - I soooo know that place! I've lost 8 stone (it took me years, but it doesn't need to) and my head is now in the right place to lose the last 1.5 - 2. I can't begin to tell you how much better I feel as a result of losing so much weight. This is the best place for support and you will, in turn, be supporting and inspiring others before you know it. Good luck!


Hi all

Welcome to the forum

The pinned newbie thread has loads of info and def worth a good read

This forum is all about support and I have only been here since Aug and lost 10lbs in total (well that was before Christmas struck, dreading weighing in on Monday as I know I have not been perfect - expecting a gain, however once I start fully again I hope to be back to that 10lb loss within no time and then onward and downwards)

We can do this - feel feel to nag me and ask for help and support - I am here for anyone, as long as I get nagged and support too :)

Onwards and downwards - we can do this



Hi and welcome,

Check out your BMI before you start, take all your measurements and maybe some "before pictures." They really help to show how far we have come when we start losing.

Check out the welcome newbies thread in the pinned posts area. Lots of useful info there.

Any questions, please ask!

Best of luck and looking forward to seeing you around 🍀



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