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Hello to Everyone

Hello all, Im brand new to this site and any NHS weight loss plan. I aim to start my weight loss plan in January. I have my best friends wedding in Febuary 2018 so a year to get as much of this weight off as possible. Im also a bridesmaid and really do not want to be the only big one there. Any advice or help will be appreciated. Also a lock for the fridge if anyone has one spare lol.

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Hi and welcome

Have a good look around the forum and read the newbies thread as there is loads of helpful information there.

Down load the NHS12 week plan. Plan meals and snacks

Good luck and look forward to hearing your progress :)

There is a thread on here each Monday called the Monday weigh in.

loads of help and support on here

All the best

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Thank you, Ill do as you have advised. Been looking at the 12 week plan so Ill get my shopping list sorted ready to start next week.


I must admit I found calorie counting a right pain to start with but after a couple of weeks of weighing everything before it goes on your plate and setting up a spreadsheet with my regular items of food it became so much easier

you can do this :)


No need for a lock on the fridge, a magnet that says fridge pickers wear bigger knickers, might help? I'd advise against certain items in the house to avoid temptation, who knows only you do?

Buy a set of digital scales for the kitchen, great they are, and will avoid any confusion in weighing stuff


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