wanting to get to be normal

Well Christmas is over and I had my share of goodies on Christmas at my sister's. And I am ok with that.

But I am still in Christmas mode and want to get eating right and back to exercise.

I am not pigging out on sugar but on regular food and eating my regular meals.

I do nothing for New Years so my holidays mode is over and I need to begin to get healthy and begin to have a new year. Any answers welcome!!!


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5 Replies

  • I am cutting out all processed food. I started in October and altogether lost 3 stone doing it. It works for me as I don't calorie count but it depends how much you want to lose and whether you want to restrict certain foods. I found eating little bits of food I liked like cheese and chips left me hungry. Just eating lean protein and veg with some fruit works for me. I have a lot to lose (8 or 9 more stone) but for first time ever I know I can do it. Good luck!

  • Welcome back, Wadestreet.

    I'm glad to hear that you've enjoyed yourself over the festive period, even if you do still remain in Christmas mode.

    Although the nights may still be long, with little to look forward to, the amount of daylight enjoyed is slowly beginning to improve, so you should turn focus towards Spring.

    The hard work undertaken over the next 3-4 months, in both the gym and kitchen, will leave you in a far more confident position once the weather starts to improve.

    As such, simply return to the methods employed before the festive break, chiefly the re-introduction of a daily calorie deficit, regular exercise and reduced consumption of refined carbohydrate.

  • I'm following a low Carb diet so don't calorie count either but i use fitness pal to log how many carbs I'm eating.. I used to suffer from bloating & stomach upset but since going low carb it has improved a lot. I've also recently got a fitbit which I think is a good motivator to get you moving. Try to do an exercise that you enjoy.

    Good luck x

  • Just take one step at a time Wadestreet :) Take the first step outside to go for a walk (wrap up warm!). Get fresh fruit and veg in, try a distraction technique after your evening meal tonight so you don't go back for seconds, just little by little. Also a small goal might help, e.g. 7 days on plan means you get to buy a new album, or aim towards a particular weight loss goal/ an item of clothing you're close to fitting back into, whatever will motivate you but also feels manageable. Good luck :)

  • I got up and had some soup this morning and I'm just about to sneak out for a long walk (small child still sleeping hurray) and I think this will mark the start of a calorie deficit by the end of the day! It's taken 4 days for me to get back in this mindset!

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