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New Year's Resolution

Hi all. New to this forum but not to slimming. I'm in my 20's but 20kg's overweight. I really want to get to a healthy weight and be fit enough to keep up with my athletic and adventurous friends!

Starting today I am aiming to complete the NHS 12 week and start healthy habits. If anyone has any advice on getting started and keeping going in the first week then I'd be grateful for any tips.

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Hi Ellen, I'm new also. If you'd like to share your 12 week journey keep in touch, good luck x


Hello ellenho3 and welcome to the forum. I can thoroughly recommend the 12 week plan I have done 2 rounds of it. I would also recommend reading the pinned posts for newbies on the right hand side of the screen it gives loads of helpful information about how to use the site. My advice is to set small achievable goals stay active on the forum and join in with some of the challenges. I wish you luck and determination 😀


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