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I hate myself

I've not been trying to lose weight for ages, I'm seriously thinking of sitting in the naughty corner. Yesterday I walked to my granddaughter' s house about half a mile away, I use a rollator to help me after a Stroke, and to put it bluntly I was knackered. I really need to become motivated but I love my food, I've even started craving foods I didn't even eat before. So I've decided to declutter my food and only eat fresh foods, nothing manufactured e.g. crisps & chocolate. A few Christmas presents will have to be given away, so looks as if my Stroke group has a few raffle prizes to come. Thanks for letting me rave on - hope you all have a successful happy New Year x

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Sounds like you've made a good decision there. It can be harder to lose weight with reduced mobility but it is definitely possible. You just have to be really careful about how many calories you consume compared with how many you burn off. Good luck!


I think the steps you are taking already will be positive ones.. Cutting out sugar & refined/manufactured food is a step in the right direction !

With exercise maybe start smaller to build up your strength up 1st.. so that you can then have a more pleasent walk to your granddaughters house next time !.

I'm sure your group will be happy with the extra raffle prizes x

good luck x

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Good luck. I believe cutting out processed food really helps. At least you know what you are eating if you have cooked it. We are all here to help each other. Let's do it!

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My philosophy is not to try for the 'perfect' diet and then 'fail' but rather just aim to improve my eating 😊 Small steps can make a big difference.


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