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Merry Christmas

Haven't posted for a while. Glad to say I have maintained though 😁.

Had a few things that could of made me go off track but I didn't. My father in law died, my husband has had a breakdown and have very upset children obviously. But we are all pulled together and are going forward to make this Christmas as good as it can be as dad wouldn't want us to not have a good one.

I k ow my husband's journey will take time, but he will get through this too.

On a good note I would like to wish you all a fab Christmas and a good new year 🎄🎅🏼☃🎉 merry Christmas 🍷

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Good morning Kazzysb,

Sorry to hear of all your trauma, but time will heal.

Happy Christmas to you and your family.


Thank you.


Deaths around Christmas are particularly painful 😕 My amazing FIL died 17 years ago today, it was a very difficult Christmas and Millennium 😢 I hope you manage to enjoy the weekend in spite of it 😊 And well done on keeping on plan, that's not easy 😊 Take care and best wishes


I've got to admire that you haven't turned to junk for a quick fix for the stress you're having to cope with, Kazzysb. Hopefully this will result in keeping your hormones balanced, enabling you to tolerate the traumatic events.

I wish you all the best, and a merry Christmas!


I am sorry to hear of your loss😢 just be there for each other, remember and honour the ones you have missing this Christmas ( we will be taking a wreath to the crematorium in memory of my Mother and Father in Law today) The love you have for each other can conquer anything when you talk, help and care for each other.

Hope you have the best Christmas you can.

Best wishes Bev 🎄🎄🎄🎄🎄


Thank you all for your kind comments and merry Christmas to you all. 🎅🏼☃🎄🍷


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