Greetings!!Seasonal and otherwise!

Found this site by accident looking doing research for a friend!

After years of feeling tired ALL the time have just been diagnosed with sleep apnoea( stop breathing up to 16 times an hour throughout night) and been given a cpap machine.

However have also been told by consultant need to lose 2 stone by next visit in 10 months time.

Now I have energy hoping weight will come off now I actually want to move!

Christmas probably not best time but nothing ventured.....


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6 Replies

  • Hi and welcome to this friendly forum.

    Take a look at the pinned posts section and see the newbies post also the challenges that you can join in if you wish.

    Weigh in is on Monday but not next week, there will be a link on Dec 28th not sure if it's a weigh in one but a little light hearted fun I think is planned.

    Find out your calorie allowance using the BMI calculator, drink plenty of water, just up the exercise a little even if it's just by walking.

    My husband has a CPAP machine and has done for about 6 years after so many years of sleepless nights for me and bad sleep quality for him. So it's good to know you are now sorted.

    Loosing weight will help you ( my husband is ok weight wise his only link is he is a smoker) it is hard to get used to one of these machines not just for yourself but also your partner too.

    Good luck take a peep at the 12 week plan and off you go, if you can manage this time of year you can anytime. Everyone on the forum will help so just shout out if you need advice or just a listening ear.

    Best wishes Bev 👍😊🎄

  • Welcome to the group. My dad has sleep apnea and has used his mask for years... he has also been told to lose weight but he's 77 and can't be bothered !.. I'm sure with all the support on here you can get that 2 stone off in no time .. good luck.

  • Anything is possible and depending on your christmas festivities, you can eat better, sleeping better will of course massively improve stuff for you, sleep deprivation is horrible and awful I know through my hormones.

    Be strong positive and constructive , lots here use the 12 week nhs plan, which is a good starting point.

  • Welcome to the forum!

    I really feel for you, I was diagnosed with sleep apnea about 7 years ago, and it was a relief to have an explanation for the tiredness and general feeling of awfulness in the morning despite having apparently had plenty of sleep. I had a cpap machine for a while but ended up having surgery which helped a lot (unfortunately it was deemed an elective procedure so it wasn't available on the nhs nor covered by health insurance).

    I think we are all struggling with the temptations of this time of year :) but if we can keep with it now, it should be a doddle come the new year :)

  • The right time is when you are motivated and ready, whatever the time of year. Go for it!

  • All the lovely folk here on the forum will encourage and motivate you in your quest for better health! Have a great Christmas and a happy and healthy New Year!

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