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Self Sabotage

Merry Christmas to all... I have been dealing with a lot of things like everyone else and have gained a bit of weight and have realized I am self sabotaging myself and I do not know why?? I have a membership to a pool and upped it to the gym so I can go but it can be a long drive in the winter weather..Lame excuse I know..But we do get a lot of snow and the drive can be dangerous..So do you think it may be smart to change the gym membership to one closer and keep my pool membership there and get there when I can??? I have Crohn's disease so there are days I do not like food and it does not like me at all.... So I have a mix...I hope you all are well and I send hugs to you all ...Thanks for all of you and what you are going through because it helps to know you are not alone and others know how you feel......Lots of love...

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I feel for you. Most of us here know that helpless state of wrecking everything you have worked for, but not being able to stop yourself. So you need to start by being kind to yourself and also realistic. If you hate the gym and it's miles away, cancel your membership. Try walking instead. It's free and you can do more in nice days when you feel good. Maybe do the 5k challenge in the New Year. But only do something which you know you could keep up and enjoy. I'm a Pilates fan, it's gentle stretching exercises are surprisingly energetic in that you can work up a sweat. And you can make friends at the classes. As far as eating is concerned, you have to wait until you are in the right mood, or in the zone, as some people say, to really be able to make a success of sensible eating. The minute you feel you are ready, go for it. We are all with you. 😊

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Yep i know all about self sabotage!

I think cancel your membership and either switch to a closer one, or try another form of exercise?. You need to make things as easy on yourself as possible, especially with your illness which must be stressful enough.

All the best xx


Hello ready4changes and welcome to the forum.

I’m sorry to learn that you’re attempting to battle the symptoms associated with Crohns disease, in addition to trying to lose weight, particularly since usual recommendations will simply lead to inflammation of the intestines.

By virtue of such a condition, your diet is somewhat limited, but by reducing the consumption sources high in saturated fat, fibre and dairy, you may reduce the severity of symptoms.

Equally, the increased uptake of oily fish and avocado may also assist in improving levels of satiety, without placing stress upon the intestines, whilst ensuring that intake of saturated fat is reduced to a minimum.

Additionally, while nuts are great source of protein and unsaturated fat, ensure that they’re consumed as smooth butters, as opposed to chunky or whole, thus, reducing stress upon the intestines.

When it comes to exercise, since your diet may be largely based upon the consumption of refined carbohydrate, geared towards reducing over-stimulation of the lower intestine, in terms of weight loss, you should seek to ensure that short, sharp bursts of activity begin to feature as part of your routine, in addition to maintaining a daily calorie deficit.

The increased bursts of activity will serve to increase the uptake of glucose and fat, leading to increased calorie expenditure, as jumping jacks, power jacks, burpees and mountain climbers are performed, for example.

Despite your condition, provided that calorie intake is reduced sufficiently and that levels of activity routinely exercise the body’s anaerobic energy zone, serving to increase insulin sensitivity, weight can and will be lost.

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Thanks .. I appreciate it


Hi Ready4changes,

I can't add anything to the lovely replies you've already had, except to say I hope you have a lovely weekend, and that you enjoy your week. Merry Christmas!!!! :-)

Lowcal :-)

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