Enough is enough

>20 years I've been a diet club member (not the same diet club but any that's out there). I've been online, offline, stayed to class, skipped class, bought the books, bought the dvd's, bought the fitness gear thinking I had the idea!!! Constantly changing diet but not actually doing it for any longer than 2 weeks. Losing 14lbs then gaining it back plus more over several weeks until I'd ran out of excuses to then move to next club whilst still paying the money and buying all the gear which stayed in the drawers or gathering dust!!! Physically and mentally worn out - Enough is enough x


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  • Hi Panda,

    Welcome to the Weight loss NHS forum. I hope you'll enjoy being a member of this community. Have a read of our Welcome Newbie post if you'd like to - it's in the Pinned posts area. Join in with anything you like the look of in the forum, and I'd like to wish you a really good week ahead.

    I know you've been a member of various clubs etc, so hopefully you'll soon decide if there's anything here you'd like to participate in.

    Wishing you the best. Have a great week.

    Lowcal :-)

  • Thank you ☺

  • Welcome Panda - I have been overweight for most of my adult life, but last week I reached my target weight of 62 kg after having joined this forum in June, and I am over the moon about it. You can do it too! Best of luck.

  • Just worked out my weight in kg and when I seen the figure 119.09kg the first thing that came to mind was my first target 99kg - double figures ✔

  • snap... under 100kgs is my target too... I started at 120.4kgs and I'm now im 117kgs.. but I'm aiming for it in 5kg chunks rather than the full 21kgs...

  • Sounds like a plan ✔

  • 99 is a beautiful number and you will reach it! After that 88, then 77 :-) :-)

    Just take one day at a time. Did you have a look at the NHS 12 week plan? It is really great.

    Weight loss takes time - if it doesn't, it is neither healthy, nor sustainable.

  • No not yet just finding my way round this app but will definitely take a look 👀

  • Oh how familiar this sounds

  • Knowing I'm not alone is a massive help ☺

  • join the club... I'm sure most of us here can tell the same story as you .I know I can... but like u I told myself enough was enough and although it's been slow for me on the scales to lose weight... in my head I've accepted that it doesn't matter how long it takes its coming off this time and im not going to fail or quit this time... u need to get your head in the right place and want it..... you can do this xx

  • Thank you ☺

  • Like many of us , I could have said this about myself. Glad to meet you here and I hope you find the help and support to move forward. Good luck.

  • Thank you very much ☺

  • You sound just like me and at the moment I am heavier than I have ever been. I suffer from A F and arthritis high blood pressure and I know I would benefit from loseing weight but the more down I get the more I eat. I am going to be more careful at xmas but I am going to try really hard in the new year. So don't give up a friend of mine was just like us and now she has lost 4stone so it can be done.

  • Yes definitely we will support each other ☺ here's to a new beginning 😉

  • Thank you Panda 72 that's nice to know. Its nice to know that some one else has the same problems and knows how I feel and yes it would be nice to support each other Thank you

  • Hi ya Panda, You'll find support here. I believe that the starting point to any attempt to lose weight should be in your mind. Get your mental stance correct and it's still hard work to shed the pounds but it's more simple and peaceful. Good luck x x x

  • Thank you for the support and kind words 😄

  • You've made very positive step by coming on here. I'm a very new member but have already found that reading all the posts is a great way to increase motivation. And what I'm reading and replying I can't be nibbling. Good luck with your fresh start.

  • Good luck 🍀 😄

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