Holiday fail

Hello everyone.

Sorry my first post here is going to be some venting. So this is my first week on the nhs plan and everything seems to be going well until I go away for a long weekend and it all goes wrong.

First stop is a coffee shop, and when they ask if I want any food with my coffee, I'm like oh yes, chocolate cake please, and it's downhill from there. Pastries and croissants for breakfast, beer at lunch, I feel so annoyed with myself now.


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12 Replies

  • These lifetime habits are hard to break - treat everyday like a new day and don't beat yourself up for the occasional slip-up. You are not in a race; you are trying to establish new habits, new patterns of eating to keep you healthy in the future, so don't be disheartened; plan some healthy meals for the next day and slowly but surely, you will retrain your mind to look for pleasure in books and music and dancing and walking.... rather than eating!

  • Very helpful reply......will write it down and look at it all the time where ever i go to guide me :-)) all very true!

  • You're making huge positive (and downright difficult) changes to your lifestyle overall :) you want it to be sustainable and that means finding a balance in life and allowing yourself a small break while you're away. of course it isn't ideal so soon after starting but you know you can do it! it was just one weekend and now it's over so don't beat yourself up :) it means you succeeded for 5 days out of 7 which is a pretty good percentage if you ask me! :) and now you know how bad you feel when temptations creep their way in, so remember it for future when you start to veer towards the bad stuff :) well done you on your first week and for taking the steps to change!

  • I was just going to say that - sticking to plan 5 days out of 7 is a success 😊

  • Heya, try not to beat yourself up. Habits are hard to break. Also its a very hard time of year to start a new lifestyle but you have still tried, and i bet you had some successes too, which you can build on in the coming weeks.

    I know its hard but try to think 'Persistance not perfection!'. Im a total perfectionist and beat myself up all the time btw, just trying to give good advice! Xx

  • It is hard to break those habits. As time passes on the plan - I have just finished the second round, the cravings may reduce so it gets a little easier. Try again 😀

  • Hi Benwl,

    Weekends can be challenging. I'd like to Congratulate you on having such a great focus on the weekdays, and don't be hard on yourself regarding what happened on the weekend - just learn from it, and think of a strategy for next time. It's a learning experience, and like people have said, habits take time to break, but you will hopefully find it will get easier over time, and you'll build up confidence to change some habits and make more and more great choices, and achieve more balance, and enjoy an onwards and downwards path on the weight-loss front.

    Good luck! Have a great 2nd week.

    Lowcal :-)

  • Just jump back on that horse! What's done is done but so long as you go back to your healthy eating it won't matter at all in the long run.

  • It is frustrating when you fall off the wagon! It happens to everyone. To quote Scarlett O Hara (showing my age) and another poster, tomorrow is another day! The important thing is don't just think you've blown it and forget the diet - which is sometimes what happens. I find the 5:2 diet good to overcome the days when you have been a bit naughty as you can have days where you can be a little less strict. Not suggesting you can eat loads of bad stuff on the 5 days but it does give a bit more flexibility.

  • It's really strange how hard it is at the beginning, you find yourself craving all of the 'naughty' things. You should always be able to treat yourself and not deprive yourself of anything. But as you continue with your healthy diet you will actually find that you no longer crave the naughty things as much, and would rather eat a nice wholesome meal full of veggies and yummy flavours instead!

  • Trust me - it gets easier with practice! The first few weeks are the most difficult. Stick with it, and by January you will be feeling fitter and healthier 😊😊😊

  • Hi Benwl you are not alone. I started the NHS 12 week plan and in a month of doing it I had put on 5 and 1/2 pounds! I had 3 holidays in a month and old habits are hard to break. Be kind to yourself and learn from your experience dust your self off and try again I think I read that it takes three weeks to break a habit so stick with it and as they say slowly slowly catchy monkey



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