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I'm sure my fone lies!

Well... At the moment I'm logging my workout on my fone with s health.

I've done my done my 2 mile walk this morning with the dogs, then later went to post letter with the dogs which was another measured mile.

Not long ago done another 1.1 mile of jog 1 min walk 1 min on the treadmill.

It says I've done 69mins exercise 276 calories burnt and 2.90miles and 8099 steps.

I know I've not got my maths head on today but I can't get to add up with my fone : / oh and 30 minute kettlebell workout!

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you know you've done the exercise and that's the main thing... i just log everything in fitness pal now ..


You know yourself that more has been accomplished than the apps says, so don't worry about it. Besides, despite their promises, modern technology quite often fails to calibrate correctly.

Equally, when attempting to lose weight, what really matters is the intensity of the activities, since the more strenuous the activity, the greater the uptake of glucose and fat.

You and I both know that your kettlebell workout wasn't at all easy, since it'll have kept working heart rate close to its aerobic/anaerobic threshold throughout the 30 minutes, while hurting every muscle in the process, but that's good, since that's how muscles grow and adapt, thus, increasing resting metabolism.

As such, I do hope you've taken on protein and carbohydrate, to help replenish and repair, particularly since insulin sensitivity is incredibly high immediately after strenuous exercise.

In all honesty, the 30 minute kettle bell work out probably would have sufficed, but you've gone above and beyond, so your overall calorie expenditure will be far higher than the app states.


Hi MrNiceGuy,

Only just found your reply.

Well you have certainly made me feel much better : ) I was feeling quite gutted after all that effort, it seemed as though I hadnt achieved much.

So thank you again, im now smiling: ))

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You're welcome, Sheepdogs.

Provided you're continuing to maintain a calorie deficit alongside regular exercise, you don't need to fixate so much upon how many calories are being burned.

Instead, focus upon how much the muscles may burn, as lactic acid builds, and how hard and quickly you may breathe throughout.

In essence, the more it hurts while attempting to sustain the same level of intensity, the greater overall calorie expenditure will be.

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Good morning MrNiceGuy,

You certainly know some stuff!

You have definitely made me feel better about the effort I'm putting in which makes me all the more wanting to carry on. : )

Will try not to be so hell bent on counting the calories burned but now by how much effort I'm putting in. : )

I hope you day is a good one.

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Are the dogs losing weight? 😄


Hi TubbyTeacher,

I think they are : ))

Quicker than me!

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