I said 'NO' to a mince pie !!

Feeling pretty chuffed with myself today.

it was my kids xmas show today and there was the usual coffee & mince pies & shortbread for the parents to have...... but this year I went to the gym this morning and had a banana just before the show so that i wouldn't be tempted cos I was a bit peckish like I usually do.

I managed to say no to the many attempts of being offered one.. it feels good to have a bit of willpower for a change..


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19 Replies

  • Whoo hooo! x

  • I know... my thoughts exactly haha

  • Brilliant will power I am staying away from most events this year so as not to test that well power

  • Haha... I'm sure u will find some to keep u going x

  • Very well done, it would be too east to get drawn into all those nibbles

  • deffo... but for some reason this time I seem to have a bit more will power than normal x

  • I think you real want to shift the weight more 😊

  • I think your right.. I really am in the zone....it Saturday night and my daughter has just come in with some doritos & dip and sat next to me to share and Ivery just said no to them as well.. and I'm just drinking a glass of water instead of the glass of wine .. happy x...

  • Is it because of your conviction to eat healthier, which is also helping control your appetite?

    It's when we get complacent or hungry, we give in to eating junk, and before we know it are on a downward spiral if we don't take precautions such as balancing blood glucose with a barely-ripe banana.

  • yes... I haven't broken the diet once this week I'm so determined to see movement on that scale on Monday !

  • Which is great, a friend today remarked what would she do with her hands if she quit smoking worry beads or crafts

  • That's some going Bigmama99,

    Well done to you! I've not done so well today as I've succumbed to a glass of wine : / I have been saving up all week for it though and it was in my plan for today or tomorrow, but I've had it now! So next week I'm hoping that I will resist temptation and not have one at all.

    I'm so pleased no one offered me a mince pie!! Proud of you 🙂👍

  • thankyou.. my husband was on nights last night & also 2night so it's made it a lot easier for me as he makes it easy for me to be naughty as he goes and gets food & wine when I suggest it haha.. I wouldn't have a takeaway or wine on my own anyway but I'm not actually missing it either which is good

    Enjoy your glass of wine ..you've been good all week xx

  • Hi Bigmama99,

    Wow, that's great that you went to the gym this morning and that you staved off being peckish with that banana. Great plan! :-)

    You're showing great will-power, via your pre-planning, and that's really great.

    As Makemamathin2018 says, Whoo Hooo!!! :-)

    Lowcal :-)

  • Thanks lowcal... I always do better when I plan my exercise & meals... as hubby is on nights I will be up early so planning to go swimming in morning & then have a proper chicken Sunday dinner... Im a yorkshire lass so will be making my own yorkshire puddings but won't be having any myself x

  • well done x

  • Mini fist pumps all round!! Xx

  • Please send me a big gift of willpower as I know why I'm overweight and the main reasons are weakness and a total lack of willpower.

    I'm so pleased for you and hope your positive energy is contagious. x

  • I wish I could send u some... I'm not really sure where mine is coming from at the moment lol... I think like most of us here we all know why we are overweight but put our heads in the sand and hope it will magically disapear if we are good for a week or 2... hope u get into the zone soon and find your inner will power to get you going x

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