Weighing Obsession

I haven't weighed myself for a year now. I have an obsession with weighing and was advised to throw away my scales as it was making me unwell. The weight on the scales told me what a terrible, ugly person I was, no willpower and not worth anyone's attention. It was always bad news when I stepped on.

Now I'm finding it difficult to focus healthily on weight loss and not weigh myself. My dress size reflects how much I shrink or gain but it means that I can't join in with the threads on here or see any regular improvements.

Has anyone else had a similar experience or can offer me any advice?


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20 Replies

  • No , not exactly, but I did get annoyed by the weekly weigh ins, hence my daily ones, which gives me an average weight, which is ok.

    The number on the scale is physical mass of yourself, you know by your clothes and stuff, how things are, in a society as we are, portion distortion and extra large portions, we have lost sight of normal .

    I think maybe monthly weigh ins maybe good for you? Don't put too much pressure on yourself, you have the power to change your duet and your life tho


  • Thanks Diana, I'll think about that x

  • Hi Kato,

    Some people join in the Monday group weigh-ins, but do so on a monthly basis, and we then take the average weekly weight loss as the result for the stats. So Diana's suggestion to weigh monthly might be one that would enable you to join us in the Monday group weigh-in - but I would also say that if you wanted to join us there each week but purely talk about how your week has gone, i.e. you don't need to weigh at all if you don't want to - then that would be fine too.

    So please do consider that - as I'd really want to include you in threads, and you'd be very welcome in the Monday group - if you wanted to join us. You don't need to weigh to be part of it, but you could do so monthly if you wanted to - and still join in weekly - if that makes sense.

    So do have a think about it, and join us if you want to.

    Lowcal :-)

  • Thanks very much, lots to think about :) x

  • That's a difficult one because joining in with the weight loss threads is such important support. What about using a scales somewhere like a gym changing room?

  • Yes, I was just thinking about where I could do it. I'd maybe go to Boots or something. Thanks x

  • I just saw a thread on mumsnet which was about finding public scales to use and it said the Boots ones were 'noisy' - i think giving you instructions like 'stand still' etc!! But i know some pharmacys have private rooms, which may have scales, or maybe your gp surgery has some you could just pop in and use. I dont think I'd be brave enough to get weighed somewhere like public like a shop.

  • Thanks for the heads up. The thought of weighing myself in a gym gives me the fear too, imagining the judging going on in people heads who see me on the scales.

  • Me too!! I cant even imagine going in a gym in the first place, let alone to use the scales!! I'd rather go the GP, they know how much i weigh anyway and at least they'd give me credit for doing something about it.

    I heard something on the radio recently about pharmacists being able to dispense more medicines with prescriptions, and someone made the point that you wouldn't want to talk about your ailments in a busy shop. The person being interviewed said lots of pharmacys have private rooms for that purpose - I had no idea!

  • I might have a look about. Thanks

  • Let me know what you find - I'd be really interested. I've considered using public scales myself - my scales are totally ancient and crap, and I weigh myself far too often.

  • Oh my gosh, I just google where "can I get weighed in Hertfordshire" and this come up! gov.uk/find-weighbridge, I hope that it doesn't come to that!

  • Hahaha!!!!!!

  • Heya. i have this problem too to some extent, although i havent had the courage to chuck out my scales yet! the only number i take seriously though is my weekly one i do at Boots. fortunately their scales are in the back corner so i dont feel conspicuous. they are a bit bossy though- 'keep yourself upright and stand still' lol. shut up scales just give me my print out!

    Maybe it would be better for you to measure yourself tho? measuring tape doesnt have quite the same judgemental connotations as scales do, and as the changes in inches would be a bit slower it may be wouldnt be as easy to get obseesed with it.

    I dont want to encourage you to do something that might hurt your emotional health, but it is nice to have some feedback you can measure.

    😊 xx

  • Thanks, it's great to know that I'm not alone :) x

  • Hi Kato980, When i first started i hated regular weigh-ins, and would only weigh-in when it felt the right time every 3-7weeks it would vary, and as the numbers came down i felt more comfortable with weighing in and now i do it weekly (Saturday mornings) as i like the number i am seeing and just knowing how far it has came down, motivates me to carry on and see a loss every time i do weigh-in

    i also dont join in, any threads or challenges on the forum, but still check in see how others are doing, post about how im doing etc..

    it is possible without regular weigh-ins as i find it more of a surprise when you step on the scales and its a good loss,,, you will find what works for you

    Good Luck

  • Thank you :)

  • Maybe you have a friend where you can be weighed, wearing the same clothes , this would by far by the easiest route

  • Hello Kato980 :)

    I agree with what you are saying and also find weighing frustratiing, but try to remember that the scales are just one way of measuring success :) A tape measure is also useful, and our clothes. Recently the scales are being very stuborn for me, inches not reducing much either, but I look in the mirror (very brave LOL) and see a real change in body shape, less lumps and bumps if youre with me!

    What really matters is health and fitness, and fat loss. Try focus on the process, the healthy recipes and increasing exercise. You will get there :) :) :)

  • Thanks Anna :) x

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