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Just starting


I am just finding out all about this weight loss programme. I have tried with Weight Watchers 3 times. I succeeded in getting to gold each time, but piled it all back on until I now weigh more than I have ever done. I am in week 5 of couch to 5 K app and love it! Although I loath exercise, I now really like doing the running, or slow jogging in my case. At first I had to overcome mental barriers to doing it and now I look forward to it. The app allows you to progress slowly, which is key for me as I don't like pain. Just doing the exercise has started to shift the weight, and doing the quiz which comes with the app has inspired me to look at my eating again. So I will give it a try and see.

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Hello Antoria welcome to the weight loss forum 😊

You have good knowledge about eating and have a good exercise routine so you are on the right road 😊 Take a look a t the newbies post and work out your bmi and target calories 😊 If you have any questions please just ask, were a very friendly bunch 😊

Anna61, many thanks for your welcome. I have printed everything off and off I go!

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