I'm back!

Hello all...

So I've decided, after going through a hard last few months and not posting, and then stepping on the scales to find in a quarter pound away from reaching my highest weight of 12 stone, that it's time I got back into the swing of things.

With Christmas fast approaching, and an important birthday of mine in January- I think it's time I got stuck in and started losing this weight.

I've looked back on photos of when I was younger, and came across one when I was 14/15 and was shocked to see how much skinner I was! I know I may not get back to being that, but it was an unhappy time for me, and why I want is to be happy with myself and my body, and to be healthy with a happy medium!

I'm not goin to throw myself into vigorous exercise or start fasting, I'm not going to be counting calories or obsessing- instead I'm going to be choosing healthier, low-fat options and drink at least 2 litres of water a day!

I've just recently found some bar work close by, as well as working full time in the salon so I'm throwing mysel right in for the busy Christmas! I'm excited, growing to be a happier person and starting to accept this time is a changing point for me.

Off with the hair too! I've had a good chop and back to basics colour so I can give my hair a rest before going to another wacky colour (I used to be blue), and think my health should be taken account during this wild time.

I hope to stick by what I say, and to start incorporating exercise into my busy schedule; and would love to hear some your stories and give and receive support!!

Good luck everyone, and good luck to me👊 staying positive⭐️


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15 Replies

  • Good luck with you ventures. Absolutely right about not starving yourself. Why not try having fewer starchy carbs that seems to work and it is possible to do that in the longer term, providing you eat enough veg and protein.

    Love the idea of blue hair... what colour will you choose next.........?

  • Thank you! And yes, it definitely doesn't on me- and doesn't really work on anyone. I am a massive carb fan so any alternatives are great! I'd love to meal prep but I just don't know what to make and how long to make things for.

    I loved my blue hair also! I'm going to pink/purple/mauve colour, sooo excited!

  • Hi Jess, welcome back. I took a break over the summer months due to work but have hovered in the background. I too gained weight albeit a couple of lbs but I find being part of this community keeps you mindful of what you are eating.

    I've just had a few days away with a friend. We ate and drank too much and I wasn't for holding back as it's our annual catch-up. Whilst I thoroughly enjoyed myself there is a lot to be said for the routine when it comes to healthier eating.

    I'm now back on track as of this morning. I dare say the scales will let me down on Monday for the weigh in and I'm prepared for a gain. But I've enjoyed a wee break, being naughty and now it's time to focus on getting back on track, planning a few meals in advance and losing what I've put on.

    I'm glad you are back with us. Is a great forum for help and support and it's full of fun.

    Good luck on your journey. I look forward to hearing how you get on and....what colour you choose for your hair next time 😆Xx

  • Hey bu-dog, thanks! Yeah, I did come on here a few months ago, was very motivated and determined but went through a rough patch and totally lost it all. Gutted. Now I hope this will help me get back on track, and think of all the positives!

    I as well like over indulging at times haha, especially with friends on the weekends, but even during the week sometimes! (oops) I'm sure there is a way to cut down the calories while enjoying yourself and letting loose, and I hope I can change to doing just that.

    And wow! That is great to hear! Someone else starting alongside me haha! Scales are my enemy at the minute... And yes, meal planning is great for me, especially when I do my own shop rather than my mam because I always forget to write a shopping list or go with her! I'm not one that has much time either, with two jobs and working very late at times, but that could also be laziness too... Any prepped meals you recommend?

    Thank you very much, and same to you too! Let me know how you get on, and all the best :) xx

  • Jess, I find having home made soup available is the saving grace. I make a pot every couple of days or so. It's quick and easy...cheap too and is a real fill me up particularly if you feel hungry at night. Since joining here I have started having a proper breakfast. I'm not good at eating first thing so I walk the Bu first and by the time I get home we are both ready for brekkie. If I'm being really good I'll try to stick with some tic crackers with a light spread and some fruit for lunch or soup. Evening meal is a small portion of whatever with lots of veg. If I feel hungry in the evening I'll have soup as if I have tea or coffee I feel the need for a biscuit 🙀

    Reading through some of the posts on here is motivating too. We are not alone in our struggle to lose and that's comforting. I also like the fun side on the forums. Always a wee bit of light hearted banter.

    Good luck with your first week. If you are too busy to make the soup you could always ask your mum to whip up a batch and share.

    Speak soon xx

  • Good on you. Very positive post. I was feeling down too as had not reached my planned mini goal of weight loss by yesterday but yes your right time to start again!!!! Thank you. 😄

  • Aw thanks :D It's time I got my ass into shape and stopped making excuses! Thank you also :)

  • Nice positive post...I wish you well! :-)

  • Thank you! :D

  • Getting started is always the hardest part of a diet I think, it appears that you have the right attitude which is half the battle. I dithered for months before starting my weight loss diet now I've been on it for 9 weeks and I've lost a stone in weight and that's without vigorous exercise. so if I can do it you can I'm sure. just stay focused and you will soon start looking the way you envisage youself.

    Kind Regards


  • That's so amazing!! I work with a girl who did weight watchers for 7 weeks, alongside exercise (personal training, gym, bootcamp and insanity) 3-5 times a week and lost over a stone! But perfect for me because I'm a bad one for fitting in exercise time.

    Thank you very much, and all the best :)

  • Good luck to you. You.ve set yourself some great goals. Take it slowly and be kind and gentle with yourself on the way. Most of all enjoy everything you set out to do. Looking forward to hearing how you get on x

  • Thank you! So many positive comments back and it really does feel great :) Setting myself small day-to-day goals to complete and not touching the scales till 2 weeks time! Thanks a bunch :) x

  • Best wishes towards the 'new you'.


  • Well done for coming back

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