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battle of the brains

So only one week in and I have had a blow out already! My mistake was to stand on the scales yesterday to see if I'd lost weight. I had tried really hard, done 4 lots of exersize and was expecting at least a 5lb loss for my first week and had only lost 2 1/2lbs.

My sensible brain tells me "I can see where I ate things I shouldn't have and that 2 1/2 pounds is in the right direction and that I should look at the difference it has all made to my mental attitude and how much better I feel about myself already" ...

but no I listened to my all or nothing brain that said "You're never going to loose this weight, what were you thinking before christmas, you've got such a long way to go and 2lb's at a time is going to be so slow". It was also my first day back at work after 5 weeks off with stress so I binged all day and now feeling dreadful about myself.

My 'beat yourself up' brain is telling me " you've blown it now, what's the point this week when you have 3 christmas do's to go to, you might as well give up and start again after christmas, you don't have the staying power".

My sensible brain is trying to shout over the top with " But if you carry on like this you'll be over 17 stone come christmas and feel terrible about yourself, at least go for a run today and you'll feel better. It's only one blow out and you need to do this for yourself and your family. If you sort it out and have a good week you could still loose and be OK." I wish all the other brains would just shut up if I'm honest! Not a great start :(

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Hi Catlady 78

Don't give up! You can do it : ) think how happy you will feel when you go to those Christmas do's several pounds lighter! Think how it would feel if you had to go another 7 or 8 pounds weightier! I'm sure you would choose the 1st option : )

Come on stick it out with us here : )


Hi Cat 2 1/2lbs is brilliant don't knock it so get back on the wagon and do the same next week and then you will be nearly half a stone off, 2lb here 1lb there soon all adds up before you know where you are you have lost 1 stone, a few months ago I was doing really well over 2 or 3 weeks then I had a pizza and as far as I was concerned I had blown it then someone said to me it was just a pizza which made me put it into perspective that's all it was a " PIZZA". So come on if you lose at least 2 1/2lbs a week you would still lose a stone by Christmas which is brilliant and so what if you have Christmas parties going on you will be having Christmas parties next year and the year after unless of course your going to say no every time as we have already said life happens and you told me we are going to deal with it this is for life. so 2 1/2lbs down and another loss next week come on don't let me down now. Sorry if I'm sounding a bit hard but I cant have you giving up on me now I need you as well. Betty x x -:)

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So to look at it another way you stuck to plan 6 days out of 7?? That's a success in my book 😊

So you now have a choice, stick to plan for the next 4 weeks and be 10lbs lighter for Christmas or not . . .


2 1/2 is great, don't tell yourself otherwise. That's more than half a stone by Christmas. If you lose too fast then it will all just come back - you lost the perfect amount and still had a night out. That proves you can manage your work dos. Chin up, onwards and downwards x


2.5 lb is a great result for one week. I personally think , fast off, fast on again and much prefer a steady if slower result. You'll get there and every day is a new day. I did not lose an ounce for 5 weeks when I started but thanks to this forum kept my sensible head on and have reaped the rewards. Good luck.


2.5lbs = 5 x half pound packs of butter. Go pick those up and heft them and be amazed at how much they weigh and therefore how much you have lost.

And I was amazed to find that a small basic pizza from Sainsbury's or Tesco is only 107 calories. I can add tomatoes, mushrooms, chorizo (diced not sliced) and suddenly I've got a very satisfying dinner (plus veggies) for about 250 calories.

Good luck, you can and will do it!


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